Tuesday, January 22, 2013

L'Oreal Nail Stickers In Seductive Temptress: This Is Not The Polish I Was Looking For

Pinky McLadybits

No, I never learn. EVER. I was at Target, browsing the clearance endcaps like one does, when I spotted L'Oreal's Nail Stickers. Apparently the brand teamed with Project Runway to create these python-inspired nail stickers called Seductive Temptress. Since the price was now $2.38 marked down from $7.99 and since this isn't *technically* nail polish, I was sold. 

I had just painstakingly painted my nails, following all of the tips and rules people have given me. Base coat, two coats of polish, top coat, make sure that the polish goes over the edges of nails, etc. And that shit chipped in less than 12 hours. I was ready to give press on nail color another go.

The nail stickers have an odd smell to them, but they are a lot less odious than previous nail polish strips. They also aren't prone to chipping since I don't think any part of them are polish. However, they are stickers. This means that when I absentmindedly ran my fingers through my hair this morning, hair stuck to them. It's gross, man. It's gross.

I digress.

Applying the stickers sounded simple enough, but we all know I'm an idiot when it comes to Girl Things. The first two nails, my pinky finger and ring finger, turned out lovely. The sticker went on easily, smoothed properly, and the edge of the nails don't have weird chunks of sticker left from filing. Then everything went to crap and the rest of the nails have less than perfect textures and edges. I give up. It is clearly me and not them. I give myself an inking here. The nail stickers are a neat idea, but I also feel that they look stupid. I mean, it doesn't even give the illusion of polish. It just looks like I stuck stickers on my nails.
I wanted to love you, L'Oreal Nail Stickers. But I don't. We're just too different.

Rating: 4/8 tentacles

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