Thursday, December 6, 2012

Sometimes Creepy Is Good, Right? RIGHT?


The world is full of wonderful, exciting and fascinating things.  It's also full of weird, creepy things that will HAUNT YOUR DREAMS.

Strap in because I'm about to show you some of the best of both categories.  Oh, also, if you want some deco that will guarantee you will never have to host a holiday party again, I've got you covered (you're welcome)

Nature is pretty amazing, right?  The majestic oak the powerful waterfall, the OH GOD WHAT IS THAT? (Listverse) 

Don't worry, nature isn't all bad.  Sometimes it's badass.  "Badass?" You say. Oh yes, I said badass.  How badass? How about dog's driving cars level badass?(Tastefully Offensive)

The holidays are coming up.  Several holidays.  However, it seems only Christianity gets terrible sweaters based on their holiday.  Well, until now. (Buzzfeed)

Ever wanted to guarantee that you'll never have to host a holiday party again? (you shouldn't you look adorable in that Hanukkah sweater)  How about serving dinner on these ball-themed plates? No, really. (Gizmodo)

Well now that you've permanently destroyed all your relationships you may be a little stressed out.  How about using the power of nature?  Cornell University's done it.  Wouldn't you like to be a little bit more like Cornell? (Dangerousminds)

This is an absolutely fascinating look at the crossroads of class and addiction. (The Fix)

Ever wanted to be MacGyver?  Well, I can't help you build a bomb with gum or rock a sweet, sweet mullet, but I can help you do everything a bit better. (Woman's Day)

Speaking of MacGyver, what about taking old, broken Christmas ornaments and turning them into  new awesome ones?(Grathio)

It's about that time where we look back at the year and think about our accomplishments and failings and plan how to improve ourselves.  Hollywood, your failings are that the movies on this list weren't made.  You should improve yourself by making them ASAP.  Well, the ones you still can.  Tragically, George Harrison as Gandalf can never be.  Yeah, you read that right: GEORGE HARRISON AS GANDALF (Whatculture) 

This is a beautiful story about how art can help people.  Be warned, you will likely cry (Rookie)

What's the remedy to the above cry?  How about watching a hippo get totally wigged out by butterflies?  In his defence, they ARE really creepy close up.

Remember the terrible holiday party that guarantees the end of friendships?  Well a party wouldn't be a party without the right soundtrack.

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