Thursday, November 15, 2012

Make things, Learn things, Cry. These links will make your life better. (I know it's not as catchy as "Eat, Pray, Love" but it's true)


Today let's learn all the things! Okay, some of the things you won't want to know *cough* creepy Twilight baby doll *cough* but a lot of these things are guaranteed to make your life at least 82% better.  Though, seriously, did anyone actually buy that Twilight baby doll?  How did they ever sleep again with its terrifying little eyes staring at them?  Okay, sorry, got on a tangent

Creepy responses to a dating profile.  Friends of mine and I swap them like baseball cards.  But these may be some of the best I've heard. Seriously, who are the dudes that send these? (The Hairpin) 

Here’s instructions for a great homemade toy. Warning, this may be a little much if you're more of a sticking googly eyes on stuff crafter like me (Make Projects)

This is possibly my favorite thing ever.  Don’t fight hate with hate, fight hate with love. (Jezebel) 

This is such a cool project, famous scenes from movies re-done with women. (Girls On Film)

Man, some of the Presidents were freakeee.  Why didn't I learn about this in history class?  I would have been a much better student (Cracked)

Are pretty people more selfish and jerky then non-pretty people?  Yes, says study likely done by non-pretty people. (Daily Mail)

I may have nightmares about these Twilight related products, yet I can’t look away. (io9) 

I will always be a sucker for those super elaborate proposal stories.  This one goes in my top 10. (The Stir) 

I know that there’s some 90s kids reading this and well, we’ve finally come to 90s retro.  Drink it in like those terrible Capri Sun drinks that seemed so good at the time. (Tres Sugar)

I’m a really big fan of this project that are the stories of a lot of cool female trailblazers.  Here’s one of my personal favorites: Carol Burnett (Makers)

Hey, did you want a new Thanksgiving theme song?  No?  Oh.  Well here’s one anyways. (The Frisky)

Celebrities: they’re just like us. They also have embarrassing school photos. They still mostly look kinda babe-ish though, huh? Maybe not so much like us after all? (Celeb Buzz) 

You know how people rip on Ke$ha for being all auto-tuned and crappy? Turns out her voice is actually pretty darn good:

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