Thursday, November 8, 2012

Links, links, they cure what stinks. They celebrate, all that's great!


So yesterday was the day when everyone went all crazy on social media and said terrible things and yelled at each other.  In an attempt to help, I am posting this picture of the stars of "Breaking Bad" posing with adorable puppies.  Please chill out America, okay?  Also, how about quitting with the racism, huh?  More adorable puppies and colourful sweaters, less being a hateful dick.

Okay, I realize it's not that simple.  How about if someone took the magic of the internet and social media to make us laugh (and cringe a little) about how weird and awful so much of the reaction to an Obama victory has been?  Oh, someone did that almost instantly?  I love you internet (Tumblr) 

Barack Obama: President of the United States and man with the most re-tweeted tweet of all time.  Wonder which one he’s more proud of?  I bet it’s beating Bieber at his own game (National Post)

Like your super weird political news vaguely terrifying? How about this article about the President’s Doomsday plane? (Dailymail)

Whoa. If you had any doubt that this Sandy damage is super serious, check out these pictures (Gizmodo)

Well Sandy, you’ve done a lot of damage, but I’m glad you can be fun at parties (Consumerist)

Remember how many times the Occupy Wall Street movement were called stuff like aimless Hippies?  Well guess which group is outperforming the Red Cross in disaster relief post-Sandy?  (Slate)

This article on an artist who gained the ability to draw fractals after an accident is fascinating and beautiful and a must read (SynthesiaResearch) 

What will the future hold?  I mean, long term.  Long, long term. I’m team Cosmological Transcension. You? (io9)

Hey, maybe it’s not such a terrible thing to miss out on stuff.  Not maybe, IT’S NOT SUCH A TERRIBLE THING.  Read this great article and help put your life in perspective, especially as we are just getting into the holiday season aka time of a million events (Life Hacker)

I may be a master chef, because I’m pretty sure I invented at least on of these Food Network recipes. (Buzzfeed)

Oh dating horror stories, I can never get enough of you (TheGloss)

Okay, I was going to stop with the political posting at the top of this links page, but this, this is too funny not to post:

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