Monday, November 12, 2012


Pinky McLadybits

It is raining like a beast where I am. I love days like this! Adding to the enjoyment is the fact that I re-watched Twilight with Rifftrax over the weekend and my brain keeps saying "How you likin' da rain, gurl!"

Let's start with a gorgeous photo of a vortex of stars in China. (Chime.In)

Here are some of the best microscope photos of 2012. (Wired)

Now for something frustrating! DRM explained and judged. And found wanting. (Attendly)

POP QUIZ! How can you tell if someone is a villain just by looking at them? If you are watching a Hollywood movie, it all comes down to hair. (The Awl)

Behold! The most terrifying penis in the (bug) world! So it is totally safe for work. Unless they are real sticklers for beetle peen. (Huffington Post)

Personally, I have reverted to old school headphones. The earbuds that come with my Apple products hurt my ears terribly and the replacements tend to be ripped indelicately from my ear holes because of how very coordinated I am. However, some of you may prefer earbuds. If that is the case, here are the five best. (Lifehacker)

It dawned on me today that I will be preparing Thanksgiving dinner again very soon. Here are 23 desserts that have bourbon in them. I mean, you could say they are Thanksgiving only, but why limit yourself? (BuzzFeed)

Listen, you don't have to air every dickhead thought that pops into your tiny little brain, racists and morons. Here's a story that will infuriate you. I hope that the schools are actually dealing with these idiot teens and not just providing lip service to the media. (Jezebel)

Moving on, do you like American muscle cars? I sure as hell do. Here are some facts you may not have known about them. I bet my Dad already knew all of these though, since he used to interrupt movies to educate us about the cars onscreen. (Popular Mechanics)

Now, tiger cub playing with a chihuahua!

Viva La France! All-Star Bowling Trick Shots!

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