Monday, November 5, 2012

Essie Nail Polish In Lady Like: Who? Me??!? HAAA!

Pinky McLadybits

As I told you before, I chose to receive the goop 'curated' box from Birchbox this month. I won't rehash my disappointment with the absence of fantastic and haughty items, but I will tell you that my selection was better than what others received. Part of the jealousy of my fellow Bitchbox group members stemmed from this product: Essie Nail Polish in Lady Like.

I have to admit, I was extremely happy to see the polish in my Birchbox since I have been forbidden from purchasing any nail polish on my own. Something about my spending too much money, bills need to be paid, fourteen bottles of nail polish is more than enough (no it isn't), blah blah blah. The Essie hidden in my goop goodies was a nice way to get around the polish ban. I may have held the bottle aloft, singing as if I were presenting some sort of Phoenix egg to a crowd of muggles or something.

The Essie polish goes on a bit streaky, though I don't know if that is this color or something normal for the brand. The second coat covered any previous streaks and made the color solid. Alas, the color sucks. It just isn't for me or my skin tone. It looks like a nude with rigor mortis. It looked like I was middle-aged and trying to find something understated to go with my mother of the bride dress suit. It looks like I think lavender might just be too strong of a color. It looks like I wanted fleshy but dead colored nails for Halloween.

It's not great.

To top that off, the polish chipped easily the next day. I just have no luck with polishes. Maybe it's because I just do odd things that cause a lot of chipping.

I've wanted to try some of the other Essie colors that I've seen in stores, but the aforementioned polish ban will keep that from happening for at least another month. I think. The polish gets a four maybe, but the color is an ink.

Rating: 0/8 tentacles

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