Thursday, October 25, 2012

Why'd You Have To Wait: Last Minute Costumes

Pinky McLadybits


I chose a Halloween costume early, but then I got cold feet and tried to brainstorm new ideas with the help of Facebook friends. I also thought up a few on my own while I was trolling stores, looking at everything they had and attempting to decide if the item would help me make a costume. 

In the end, I decided to go with my original idea, which is Wichita from Zombieland. Maybe you'd like to be her as well? I suppose you could last minute her fairly easily. 

Wichita from Zombieland

What You Will Need:

Skinny jeans

Black boots

White t-shirt

Red hair with bangs

Lots of eyeliner

Pump-action shotgun

Jacket optional

To ensure that you (hopefully) don't spend your entire night explaining who you are, you might want to bring a Columbus, a Tallahassee, or a Little Rock with you. Or you could have one of The Rules on your person or weapon.

One of the Citizens From The Capitol (The Hunger Games)

What You Will Need

You can choose from several of the staples of the wardrobes of the richest District's citizens.

Bright Hair

Crazy Makeup

Insane hair styles

Bright and/or very designer runway-looking clothes

I would also think about carrying a sign or something that proclaims your fondness for one or more of the contestants in The Hunger Games. 


What You Will Need

A headband and some rubber snakes to glue to it.

You can go the green skin route or just sexy smokey eye it up in this bitch

You have some options with the clothes as well. Green dress, white dress, grey dress. Probably either empire-waist or some Greek toga action happening.

One of the Survivors From The Walking Dead

What You Will Need

Well, that depends on which one you want to be. (Please note that some of the characters in the photo are no longer with us, but you do what you want.)

Lori needs lank brown hair, flannel shirt, jeans, and an annoying way about her. Rick needs sheriff uniform and hat. Carl needs whatever clothes you think a kid would wear during the Zombie Apocalypse and an inability to stay where he's supposed to. Just Google the character you want to dress as and make due with stuff you already have.

One of The Strangers

What You Will Need

Normal clothes.

Creepy doll masks for the ladies and a weird bag-face mask for the dude.

Be prepared to be mostly silent. Have some fun lurking in the shadows and letting people grow uneasy around you.

Carry a knife or maybe just some rope with you. Maybe a kerosene or gas canister (empty, of course).

Do you have any easy ideas for last minute Halloween costumes? Share them in the comments.


  1. I'm going as a female version of Eric Draven, aka The Crow. SO EASY. Black shirt, black jeans (or leather pants if you have them - I do not), black work boots. Put some curl infuser in your hair to make it look messy. Black electrical tape wrapped around both wrists, the abs, and your right thigh. And the makeup - that last part is the key, and the hardest part to do. I did a test run the other night, and it's awesome. I'm also adding one of my husband's old rings on a chain - since I'm gender bending (my shirt shows some cleavage, as well) I switched from Shelley's engagement ring to a male ring on the chain. If you want to get even more accurate, toss on a leather trench, put some holes in the shirt, and add a fake crow to your shoulder (I'm doing none of that). It's cheap, easy, and the pieces are reusable.

  2. Mindy Kaling just posted that she wants to go as Stefon. That would be an AMAZING and easy costume to do.

  3. I'm the absolute laziest at Halloween costumes, so I think my greatest invention was "Generic Blonde Who Dies First In Every Horror Film, Ever". All you need: pyjamas (preferably obnoxiously - or adorably - pink and a bit slutty), fluffy-pyjama boots (so you can walk outside), and lashings of fake blood. A nice touch is getting someone else to cover their hand in fake blood and wrap it around your neck (you can do it yourself but then you end up with an orange hand... I learned that the hard way).
    I had the best time in this outfit. Everyone else was suffering in high heels and binding dresses and I was rocking out in my jimjams.