Friday, October 26, 2012

Whatever Happened To Pinup Halloween Photos?

Pinky McLadybits

Oh, Courtney. How I love you and your takes on the sometimes odious and always over the top shenanigans of celebrities. This time Courtney takes on Timberlake and Biel's wedding. (Pajiba)

Moving from dickbags to amazing DIYers, here is a tutorial on how to create some sweet dragon wings for Halloween. If you have the time, I highly recommend looking through Jen's other tutorials. (Epbot)

Australia has so many strange creatures that I'm gobsmacked that they don't have actual winged dragons as well. (WOOOO SEGUE WAY!) Check out this baby echidna puggle. And yes, I thought it was a puppy of some kind before I clicked through...(Tastefully Offensive)

This site is equal parts guilty pleasure and just guilt. It's a live fashion blog in that it shows you photos of people walking down the street in Williamsburg. Then you rate the style of the people walking by. It's guilty pleasure because I love people watching. It's guilt because most of the people probably don't know they're being judged by quite so many people. (Styleblaster)

Halloween is supposed to be creepy. It seems like it's just perverted and half-naked anymore. The 1950s knew how to do creepy right, man. Imagine if you saw half of the old costumes stalking toward you on Halloween night. You would think you were in a John Carpenter flick (one of the good ones). Scroll toward the bottom of the post for the freaky shit. (Street Scene Vintage)

Keeping in the Halloween spirit, check out this video of The Pumpkin Maestros.

This blog entry is hilarious and infuriating at the same time. She tells us, in her own words, about a shitty, shitty how-to guide for wimmens to properly respect their man. (Insane In The Mom-Brain)

Let us now move onto a young woman that wants a car for her sixteenth birthday. No, she isn't whining to Mommy and Daddy to give her one. She's building one. (The Mary Sue)

Finally, you can never have too much of Jenny Lawson in your life. (The Bloggess)

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