Friday, October 5, 2012

Watch Your Feet for Cracks in the Pavement... and Aliens


Image via David Zinn
If you're out and about in Ann Arbor, keep an eye on the sidewalks!  David Zinn is an incredible artist who uses the city as his canvas for his adorable and creative chalk drawings.  For the rest of us who aren't in Michigan, here's a collection of photos of his work.  (Pleated Jeans

Oh, the things I've yet to learn about living in the South.  For example, people here eat something called a "snoot sandwich" that looks just as nasty as it sounds.  (CNN)

Remember the bus monitor who was bullied on video, which sparked a donation fund that raised over $700,00 for her?  She's giving back to the community that helped her by starting her own anti-bullying foundation.  (People)

Stacy London, one half of the fabulous "What Not to Wear" team, opens up about her struggles with body image and eating disorders in her new book, which is on sale now.  (Washington Post)

The 2013 nominees for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame have been announced, and for the first time ever, the public (aka you) can vote on who will get in!  Just follow the link for details.  (Rolling Stone)

Poor Big Bird.  Hard times may be coming to Sesame Street.  (The Daily Beast)

I feel a kindred spirit with most of these smart-asses.  And if I were a teacher, I'd give a kid full credit for the answer in #9.  (College Humor)

What's better than a Rube Goldberg machine?  A live-action Rube Goldberg machine with parkour!  (io9)

You all know I can never get enough of gorgeous retro posters, and these sci-fi travel posters by Dean Walton are right up my alley.  They'd all look so lovely framed on my walls!  (Mr. Shabba)

If you're preparing for winter already, or perhaps just stocking up for the inevitable zombie apocalypse, do you know what foods you should have on hand in case of emergency?  (Real Simple)

Four guys attempt a crying challenge to see who can cry first, but get pwned by a woman.  Worth watching for the commentary alone.

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