Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Tuesday Links... Now With More Science!


Good morning!  This is an amazing story to start your day off with - a woman lost her ear to cancer, so her doctors grew her a new one (using her own tissue)... on her arm!  F*ck yeah, science!  (CBS)

Does sugar really make kids hyper?  I've always been suspicious of that old myth myself.  (Mind the Science Gap)

Great Godtopus!  Turns out the vampire squid may not be as fearsome as its namesake after all.  Dig these gorgeous shots of it in action!  (National Geographic)

I'm feeling the science imagery this morning.  Here's a stunning collection of photos taken of/from space this past month.  (Time)

NPR's Morning Edition wants to know, who was the best James Bond?  Vote here!  I bet you can guessh who'sh in firsht place.  (Terrible impression, I know.)  (NPR)

Speaking of James Bond, you can catch a preview of Adele's theme for the latest movie, "Skyfall," here.  Sounds like a typical Bond theme song (not a bad thing, mind you).  (Just Jared)

Danny Strong rode that Emmy wave straight into a gig adapting "Mockingjay" for the big screen.  You go, Jonathan!  (AV Club)

This article angered me.  Who is this author to judge how someone grieves?  Let's face it, social media is completely changing how we express ourselves.  If someone posts that they're in mourning, should we judge them, or should we reach out to them with love?  I vote for the latter.  (The Gloss)

Holy crap, the pigs know about our national obsession with bacon and they are ANGRY.  This is a little gruesome if you're sensitive to stories of people being attacked by animals.  (Gawker)

If you need a chaser after that, here's a bunch of cute photos scientifically proven* to help boost productivity.  (BuzzFeed)

Ok, ok, I know everyone's probably sick of "Gangnam Style" by now.  But this video is an acoustic cover of the tune by a Korean band from UC Berkeley called RaOn, and it's pretty fantastic.

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