Thursday, October 18, 2012

Ladies In A Binder, Nick Offerman In His Undies. It's Been A Weird Week.


So far this week we’ve learned that Mitt Romney has binders full of women and is completely unaware that its weird to make comments in speeches that sound like the bridge in a slowjam.  However. This has also been a week of sweet (literally, ‘cuz I mean cupcakes) victories and fashion badasses.  So let’s enjoy that, whaddya say?  Also, please don’t vote for Romney because he may ruin the world (yes, I am a very nuanced writer when it comes to political issues).

This is a pretty simple but totally hilarious gag (Blogspot)

Folks, I know for a fact that no matter what your gender, no matter what your sexual preference you hold a secret desire to see Nick Offerman naked.  Well, you have a chance to do that AND donate to charity. Just give in (Crushable)

Ever wake up from a nightmare and go “hey, I sure wish I could relive that, but in shoe form”?  Well then these shoes with soles embedded with teeth from dentures (no, really) may be for you.  Also, some extensive therapy may also be for you (Geekologie)

I love Super Mario games and I love cupcakes.  Finally, my two loves have been brought together (The Mary Sue)

Help Mitt Romney by bashing your head with a Ball-peen Hammer playing this funny online game (Mashable)

Speaking of the Presidential candidates, I think you can learn a lot about them from their flickr feed.  Mainly that they have both chosen strange people to be in charge of their flickr feed (The Awl)

I absolutely adore 91-year-old style icon and cool broad Iris Apfel.  And here gracing the front of Dazed & Confused may be my favorite thing ever (Stylite)

Oh Tumblr, once again you have brought to life a page devoted to something I didn’t even know I was in love with: people dancing along to Ginuwine’s “Pony”(Boing Boing)

An awesome article about sport superstar, feminist and certified badass Billie Jean King (Rookie)

Oh fellow crafty folks, I think we’ve all had that time when we realized “crafty life” and “life that is not needlessly complicated couldn’t really co-exist. (The Hairpin)

These "Pharmacists" really have the cure to what ails ya.  Okay, that joke was inexcusable.  As inexcusable as this cover of Tears for Fears is awesome

Wow! That's one joke I totally missed as a kid.  I had no idea Animaniacs could be so dirty

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