Monday, October 1, 2012

I'm Always in an 80's Daze


I'm in love with this "Predator" poster from Tom Whalen and Dave Perillo.  You can catch more of their gorgeous retro designs in their upcoming "Around the World in an 80's Daze" exhibition at Gallery1988 in Santa Monica this month - or you can view more of their posters here.  (Laughing Squid)

Hmmm.  Better rethink those tin foil hats, conspiracy theorists.  (The Atlantic)

This is what happens when you cut family planning options and/or outright ban abortions.  (Jezebel)

I'm a fan of BuzzFeed, but their decision to share a video of a man committing suicide seems irresponsible to me.  It's one thing to report the story, but was it really necessary to include the video?  (Slate)

Palate cleanser - two adorable dads and their clan of zombie fighters!  If my parents had thought of this, I guarantee we'd have done more family portrait sessions.  (PseudoDad)

I know some of you are "Mythbusters" fans, so please enjoy this AMA with Adam Savage.  (Reddit)

And for you fans of "Happy Endings," here's Adam Pally and writer Gil Ozeri interviewing each other.  (Splitsider)

He might be one of the worst movie boyfriends, but I still love J.D. from "Heathers."  Um, slight spoilers here for some of these movies, like "Match Point."  Which I've never seen and I guess I don't need to, now.  Geez.  (Unreality)

Mental Floss's lunchtime quizzes are always a fun diversion.  This one really stumped me - can you name the top 10 search engines?  I didn't know people bothered with any beyond the top 3.  (Mental Floss)

What's a parent to do when her kid refuses to wear anything but her Halloween costume every day?  (Mommyish)

This little dog's reaction to wearing a life jacket is priceless.  Sometimes, when life gets you down, you just gotta roll over and play dead.  

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