Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Too Sleepy To Think of a Clever Title


I think the cute little guy over there has the right idea.  Tuesday afternoons are just perfect for napping... if only one had the time!

You know what'd be amazing?  If my home had a secret door in it, like these homes do.  Check out #12 - it leads to a secret theater!  (The Chive)

Homemade Nutella recipe.  'Nuff said.  (David Lebovitz)

Is that a monkey in your pants, or are you just happy to see me?  (The Raw Story)

Here's the perfect 2013 calendar for anyone who loves literature and pin-ups.  (Patrick Rothfuss)

In her collection of artwork of the goddess Venus, Anna Giordano alters the images to show how our culture's idea of the perfect female body has changed and become near unattainable in this day and age.  (Anna Utopia Giordano)

Graphic designer Jeff Gates takes old WWII-era posters and reinvents them with a modern message about "politics as usual" in his series called the "Chamomile Tea Party."  This one is my favorite.  (Flickr h/t BoingBoing)

Some are saying she looks "gothic" in this red carpet photo, but I'm digging Jennifer Lawrence's look!  (Hollywood Reporter)

This sounds delicious - grilled poundcake with peaches and apricots.  NOM.  (Chicago Tribune)

The Chicago Teachers Union went on strike yesterday, affecting some 400,000 students in the area.  While the teachers are making the demands, this article argues that the students will be the ones to benefit.  (Mommyish)

Next time you go grocery shopping, use this handy-dandy list to help you know when to splurge and when to save!  (Shine)

What could be better than a 3-D t-shirt?  How about one with a chestburster from the "Alien" movies?  Creeptastic!

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