Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Saints Preserve Us, Wherever We May Fall


Artist Jska Priebe has turned some of the most beloved female sci-fi characters into saints, like Leeloo over there.  I wonder, what would she be the saint of?  Travelers?  (The Mary Sue)

Saturday Night Live is now actively seeking suggestions for their musical acts from the internet.  There's no way this could possibly backfire.  (AV Club)

Boy, Fox News needs to vet their guests a little better, if this young comedian can get through and troll their hosts live on the air.  (Superficial)

If you've not yet heard the leaked video in which Mitt Romney reveals his true feelings about voters who back Obama, then you need to do so now.  In a surprising move, Romney held a press conference to confirm that yes, those are his beliefs.  My takeaway?  If you make less than $200,000, his insane idea of "middle class," then you mean nothing to Romney.  (Gawker)

In honor of the most recent "Resident Evil" flick, io9 has an excellent list of movies in which you root for the zombies to win.  I definitely recommend "Fido" - it's kinda like a "romzom," if you will.  (io9)

Here's a chance to win the latest book from Jessica Valenti, called "Why Have Kids?," along with a $50 Amazon card!  Contest ends September 24.  (Crushable)

Yet another list of recommended British shows, this one covers the obscure comedies that most Americans (myself included) have probably never heard of.  (Splitsider)

You can now buy bacon-wrapped hot dogs at your grocery store.  Ya know, so you can save those few minutes it would take to buy the dogs and bacon separately and then wrap them yourself.  (Laughing Squid)

According to a recent study, more than half of the Android phones worldwide have major security flaws and are vulnerable to attacks.  (Naked Security)

If you're looking for a soundtrack to get you through your work day, you can't do much better than listening to this live concert of M83.  (NPR)

And if you're not sure who M83 is, here's the video for their excellent track, "Midnight City."

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