Thursday, September 13, 2012

Retro Love + Internet = Good Idea or The Best Idea Ever?



In case you were wondering, the answer is "The Best Idea".  Partly because woot, woot, it's silly and fun, and partly because politics makes me need the distraction.

"Why it can't be that bad" you say. "It's not like women are being told publicly to get back in the kitchen, right?"  Well, you're right.  It's not that, it's that and much more.  Much, much depressingly more (Angry Black Lady)

Hey, I'm not above a little retail therapy (especially after reading the above).  Shana logic has a ton of adorable stuff AND that stuff is on sale.  I don’t want to say a must look, but…okay, of course I want to say a must look.  Its delightful (Shana Logic)

Ever wanted to know what a Mean Girls and Downtown Abbey mashup would look like?  Well I bet you do now...and here it is. (Fanpop) 

Speaking of mashups, who hasn't wanted to see The Office make sweet, sweet love to Downtown Abbey?  Have I revealed too much about myself? (Scranton Abbey)

Journal entries from real teenage girls.  Equal parts funny, sad, charming and embarrassing.  However, they might be embarrassing mainly because I relate waaaay too much (Rookie)

A fascinating project where an artist takes a series of drugs and then draws a self portrait after each one.  He apparently,  has given himself minor brain damage this way, so kids, don’t do drugs. (Cultso)

Pranks by famous comedians? Yes please! (Cracked)

For the Batman completist.  The Batman “even if its a boring who cares character” completist. (toys on fire)

Oh Amanda Palmer! I know you're an indie performer, but this seems pretty uncool (A.V. Club) 

Remember when I was talking about politics earlier?  Well here's some folks that have taken the frustration so many of us are feeling right now and made it into hilarious e-cards.  Go team awesome! (Jezebel)

I love red carpet looks as much as the next cool style wannabe so this was like early Christmas (Time-Style) 

Everyone should know the awesome power of the bitchface (we've all had to use it at one time or another).  Here's Jimmy Fallon learning it. Bitchface need not be gender specific (The Gloss)

I never thought I could find goats charming.  Guess you learn something new everyday.  You know, like how these goats learned to sound like people! (see what I did there)

Just when you didn't think you could love Amy Poehler more, here's some amazing body image advice from her.

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