Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I'm Ready and Willing, and I'm a Villain


Ah, morning, my old nemesis.  Speaking of enemies, here's a collection of real-life villains drawn in comic book style.  One day I will defeat you, metabolism!!  *shakes fist angrily* (College Humor)

Who doesn't love a good "buy one, get one" free deal?  How about this offer from a jeweler in Georgia - buy a diamond ring and get a gun for free!  Kinda puts a new spin on the idea of a shotgun wedding.  (WSB TV)

I had no idea that they offered CrossFit training for kids as young as 4 years old.  Imagining a toddler who can perform a dead lift when I can't makes me feel a bit embarrassed, to be honest.  (NPR)

This is pretty inspiring.  Artist Julia Kozerski used changing room photos of herself to document her amazing weight loss - 160 pounds in one year!  (Julia Kozerski)

So what, really, was the take-away message from Sunday's Emmy Awards?  It's time to let the ladies run the show.  (Crushable)

Hot Ink favorite Ian Somerhalder was always a stunner, as they photos from his teen modeling career can attest.  Whither thou cheekbones?  (h/t AvB for the link) (BuzzFeed)

In the ongoing battle to defeat breast cancer, scientists have recently discovered that the disease is actually divided into four different types, each one genetically different from the next.  (NY Times)

Sad but not surprising: polls show that Americans' confidence in the media's reporting is at an all-time low.  (Salon)

This fascinating piece on how an anti-circumcision activist group waged war on a book about the history of AIDS demonstrates how effectively user reviews can be used to wage "ideological warfare."  More and more, I find myself distrustful of Amazon reviewers... save for the gag reviewers, that is.  (Slate)

And this last link comes courtesy of Figgy.  Here's an exhausting (but by no means exhaustive) list of terms used in fan fiction to describe genitals.  It's mostly hilarious, but I'd advise you not eat while reading it - some of these are particularly vivid phrases.  Naturally, this list reminds me of this scene.  (WTF Fanfiction)

If you've seen the ads for ABC's Sunday night lineup, then you've heard this song.  It's "A Little Taste" by Skyler Stonestreet, and it's damn catchy.

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