Friday, September 7, 2012

I'm the Edge, I'm the Chic, I'm the Taste


Speaking of fashion, two of our favorite bloggers, Tom and Lorenzo, were recently featured in a fabulous New York Times interview.  I love that, after 6 years of blogging major events like NewYork's Fashion Week, they still get starstruck.  (NY Times)

I'm gonna take advantage of this space to ask for some help, guys.  Metric Jenn's dog Shoes is participating in a contest called the Fido Casting Call 2.  If you have 30 seconds, please click this link to vote for him!  For every vote clicked, the contest will donate a dollar to Dog Guides Canada, so everyone wins here!  The contest ends September 10th.

One more contest request, then it's back to the links.  Home Instead Senior Care is offering a free cruise to a deserving caregiver.  Clara, a woman whose husband has early onset Alzheimer's, could really use our help to win that free vacation.  Click here to vote through September 15th.  And thank you for your help!

Back to your regularly scheduled links!  Look, Muppet balloon animals!  If I had a Swedish Chef balloon, I'd be the happiest kid on Earth.  (Dog and Pony Show)

Wow, this CNN commentator is SOOOOOO clever, you guys.  Ha ha ha, good job, bro!  (Jezebel)

One of my favorite speeches from the Democratic National Convention so far is Sandra Fluke's speech, which you can read in full here.  Having Fluke as a speaker shows the difference between the Democratic Party and the GOP when it comes to women.  (Salon)

Eeeeee!  Baby sloth!  (Buzzfeed)

This is a pretty fascinating report about how people in the Great Lakes regions of the US are influencing English pronunciation with a phenomenon known as the "Northern Cities Shift."  (Slate)

Boy, this lady is just FULL of great ideas about how to help the poor.  Please note, though, that none of these ideas include giving her own fortune away to the needy (she reportedly makes $611 a SECOND.  Every second of the day.  Good god.).  (Newser)

Here's your timewaster of the day:  Catroulette.  Yup.  Just what it sounds like.  (Catroulette h/t The Frisky)

Meanwhile, on Chatroulette, Gangnam Style.

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