Friday, September 28, 2012

Birchbox Treats: Ojon Damage Reverse (TM) Restorative Conditioner


This creamy, light conditioner, Ojon Damage Reverse Restorative Conditioner, was in my very first Birchbox order, but, like the fool I am, I didn't use it until a month or so after I received it. I was a little put off by the "damage reverse" part of the name. See, I'm an odd combination of proud and lazy. I use very little product, if ever, and I really only blow dry my hair once a month. So my initial reaction to Ojon was "How DARE you insinuate I need your damage reverse technology!", followed by a glove slap across the neck of the bottle. After some time, though, I was able to admit that I've been growing my hair out for the better part of a year, and my ends are gross and prone to dryness. Instead of getting a haircut, I opted to try out this nifty little conditioner.

For being such an intense treatment, I was amazed at how light and bouncy my hair was after conditioning with Ojon. I have super fine hair and normally eschew conditioner because it always makes my hair look limp and greasy, but this stuff consistently makes my hair look incredible. The color looks richer, the texture is smooth, and it feels so soft and healthy. I didn't even think about the softness until a friend (who, for reasons that are hard to explain, was rubbing his hands over my head) remarked on how nice my hair felt. 

The formula is free of sulfates, dyes, and fragrances, and is infused with a bunch of fancy oils and butters to lock in moisture and protect against future damage. Because the conditioner is so rich, I found I didn't need to apply very much; the sample I received lasted for about a month. In the two weeks that I've been without it, I've noticed a significant decrease in my hair quality; the compliments are gone, too. It's quite tragic.  

The full sized bottle is 8.5 fl oz, and it retails for $25.00 on the Birchbox site. It's pricey, but definitely, definitely worth it if you're seeking a high quality conditioner for damaged, fine hair. I'm not even knocking off a tentacle for price, as I firmly believe it's worth every penny. As soon as I have $25.00 to spare, I'm heading to my nearest internet and grabbing a bottle of the conditioner, as well as its sister shampoo (Ojon Restorative Shampoo).

Rating: 8/8 tentacles

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