Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Venus and Olay Razors: If You Were Really a Goddess, You Probably Wouldn't Need to Shave At All


The vast number of options that confront women when they’re trying to decide the best way to remove hair from their legs can be staggering when you think about it. It’s a fairly straightforward procedure, but you have chemicals that will dissolve the hair off, waxing to rip it out, electrolysis to kill the hair at the root, and finally shaving where there’s a truly dizzying array of number of blades, style of razors, and creams to assist you in your goal. 

My preferred method is via razor, and the Venus razors are the ones I use and probably the most popular women’s razor in the US right now (or at least the ones with the most pervasive advertising). Recently I had to buy a new razor as my younger sister lost the one we had been sharing and there was a special P&G promotional package featuring the new Venus & Olay razor and cartridge along with some body wash and lotion. The Venus & Olay razor boasted that you could use it without shaving cream. “We’ll see about that!” I said to no one in particular in the Target aisle.

The first thing I noticed about the razor was that it’s fairly large with the lotion and moisturizing bars on either size of the five blades. The razor performed much the same as other Venus razors I’ve used; does what it sets out to but gets clogged easily because of the multiple blades so close together. The moisturizing bars worked well though, shaving without any additional cream or lotion went very smoothly and my legs didn’t feel dried out after I got out of the shower. Also, I worried that the moisturizing strips would dissolve quickly, leaving me to purchase additional shaving cream anyway and negating the advantage to these blades, but so far they’ve held up pretty well and I can see them lasting as long as the blades do. 

The biggest downside to these blades is the price. Looking at the site, the regular Venus refills come in a four pack for $16.99. The Venus & Olay refills come in a three pack for $15.99. That might not be a terrible trade off, as I can see the five bladed razors lasting longer than the three bladed ones and giving a closer shave that would let you stretch a day or so longer between shaves. It is nice to have shaving be a one step process. 

I like the Venus & Olay razor blades, but I’m not sure that I like them enough to justify their cost. This product gets a 6 out of 8 tentacles from me, mostly on the basis of price. 

Rating: 6/8 tentacles

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