Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Links Hijinks: Metric Jenn Scours the Net for Your Pleasure

Metric Jenn

GREETINGS, MY MINIONS. It is mid-week, and I'm already plotting ways to get out of work that involves arson and me not being caught. I know most of you are dreaming of the same things, which is why you come here, and why I love you.

Yet here we are, sitting at our desks, surrounded by other drones, and/or the idiotic masses...to stave off the homicidal rages that I know you and I are all prone to, I've cobbled together some delightful links for you to enjoy.

Here we start off with some lingerie. Sexy, sexy panties. For squirrels. (Undies!)

My dog does some ridiculous things, but the owners of these dogs have made my day with internet-shaming their misbehaving companions. (Dogshaming)

What? Was that too weird for you? What are you?? A BUNCH OF PRUDES??? Sorry...sorry...the rage kind of snuck up on me there...Here, have some My Little Ponies that are made into pop culture references. (deviant art)

There are some really dumb laws on the books. Find out if your state has such gems as "It is against the law for a man to knit during the fishing season." (DumbLaws)

Have any of you been to Burning Man? I haven't. Because I'm old now, and not a dirty hippie. But they do have some pretty cool sculptures. (Burning Man Art)

Sometimes I wish I was back in University to take such stimulating courses as "The Joy of Walking". Here, peruse some of these other courses - I'm sure they're worth the $40, 000/year in tuition fees. (Huffington Post)

A friend of ours here at Hot Ink has written and self-published his own book The Boys of Summer by Ciarán West- available on amazon.com - but don't take our word for it; check out an unbiased review! (pajiba)

DUDE. Fire hydrants have different colours, and they each mean something! Learn the code; you can be like the Da Vinci Code investigator guy. You'll be super cool. (/sarcasm)

I love smart things, but I also enjoy being a horrid judgey bitch. Here are pictures of celebrities when they were young. (Movie Moron)

All I'm going to say is that I will NEVER do any of these procedures to my body, no matter how bad I *think* I look. *shudder* (Oddee)

Katy Perry and John Mayer? These are two people I wish would just go away. (The Superficial)

Speaking of John Mayer, he seems like a 'bro'. If you know what I mean. I think you do. (Bro Bible)

Here is the (Blind Gossip) website; they post clues, and the public guesses who the gossip is about. I'm total crap at guessing, but I love how many juicy tidbits you can get out of it!

Alexander Skarsgård is hot. There is a tumblr of him without shirts on. I'll be over there...masturbating. (tumblr)

Ok, I'm tapped out for links right now. So I'll just close with some happy music from the 90s which will put a spring back into your step.

Shit, dude. Can't Touch This!

Kriss Kross. I'm so sorry you guys, but if I have to have this earworm, then so do you.

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