Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Like a Drunken Punch-Up at a Wedding


Boy, the only thing this list of  reasons why everyone hated your wedding is missing is "because you invited horribly bitchy guests like this author."  Damn!  If you don't like the required dress code or some other petty detail, don't go to the wedding!  Easy peasy!  (The Gloss)

After the snarky commenters over at Amazon to tore down Bic's rather sexist "For Her" line of pens, Linda Holmes at NPR came up with a few  ladies-only product suggestions of her own.  #7 is brilliant.  (NPR)

Whoa.  This might be the most frighteningly effective way to dissuade people from stealing: steal a phone, get Ebola.  (BoingBoing)

Since she's been dating Conor Kennedy, Taylor Swift has undergone a fashion makeover.  I have to say, I'm not really a fan of her new style.  (Daily Beast)

The world needs more fathers like Nils Pickert.  This has been translated roughly from German to English, but the small details that are lost aren't as important as the overall message.  (Both Sides of the Gun)

So now schools are banning kids from doing cartwheels and somersaults during recess?  I guess we can't ban recess outright, because of the obesity epidemic, but soon we're gonna reach the point where kids will only be allowed to stand motionless in one spot for the whole period, in order to keep them safe.  (The Stir)

According to a recent report by Allstate, Washington, D.C. is the proud home of the worst drivers in the country.  While D.C. is the best? worst city, California can claim a stake as the worst overall state.  Having driven through several of the cities on the list, I can't say I'm surprised to see them on there.  (Forbes)

Ladies, we have GOT to stop tearing each other down like Tracy Anderson did when she complained about women who "let their bodies go" during and after pregnancy.  When we attack each other like this, we give others the opportunity to jump in and attack our bodies too!  (Celebitchy

This purse designer is just f*cking with us, right?  (Limelife)

Time for some '90s tv nostalgia: what have your favorite television show teachers been up to lately?  I had no idea that Jenny Calendar (RIP) is a minister now!  (Flavorwire)

"The Avengers" is coming out on DVD and Blu-Ray next month, and in anticipation, several of the special features have hit the web.  The most recent video to drop is the original opening scene, which I'm glad they didn't use because it would've kicked things off in a rather darker light. 

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