Monday, August 20, 2012

Boop! Here Comes Monday Again


Well, this is odd, but kinda neat, too, if you're a fan of "Parks and Recreation."  Nick Offerman is putting his famous mustache up for auction for charity.  That's right, you can own Ron Swanson's actual mustache!  (Vulture)

On Friday, I shared with you a video of Lauren Conrad hacking apart some books to make a stylish box.  The books she destroyed were from the popular "Series of Unfortunate Events" line by Lemony Snicket.  Here, Mr. Snicket himself responds to Conrad's horrific actions.  Well played, sir.  Well played.  (Slate)

Scientists conducting an experiment to determine why people tend to overbid on online auctions discovered a not altogether surprising possible reason:  because we just really like being bitches to other people.  Sometimes, humans are spiteful little creatures!  (Jezebel)

But we're not all bitches, all the time, right?  Take Howarth Bouis and the international group HarvestPlus.  They're trying to bring better nutrition to hungry people in Africa, and they're doing so with regular old orange sweet potatoes.  (NPR)

Speaking of food, here's 10 suggestions for how to dress up that boring ol' PB&J sandwich you'll be making for your kids soon - yup, it's back to school time!  (Cool Mom Picks)

Did you grow basil in your garden this summer?  Wondering what to do with all the leaves you've harvested?  Why not try one of these great ideas?  Man, I do love a thai-style stir fry with basil!  (HuffPo)

The Oatmeal's donation drive to raise $850,000 to build a Tesla museum is now at almost $600,000 (as of Saturday afternoon) after only 3 days!  If you still want to donate, you can do so here.  Damn, but the internet can be really generous when properly motivated!  (The Raw Story)

Oh, good.  MTV, fresh off the disaster of the "Skins" remake, is now set to desecrate "The Inbetweeners."  MTV: Step away from the British series and try coming up with some original ideas instead!  (AV Club)

For the first time in 50 years, Johnson & Johnson is changing the formula to its beloved baby shampoo.  But it's for a good reason - the company has pledged to remove formaldehyde and parabens (known carcinogens) from its products.  (NY Times)

In this cute interview with the men of "New Girl," the reporter compares Nick and Jess to a classic tv couple.  No, not Ross and Rachel.  If the writers drag out their relationship over 10 seasons, I might lose my mind.  (VH1)

If this is real, I might need one for when my husband's out of town.  "Hey girl, I'm cool with reversing cliched gender roles.  You can be the big spoon tonight."  (But You're Like Really Pretty)

This might be the best in-flight entertainment I've ever seen.  Dancers from Kanye West's 2012 Australian tour perfom a "flight mob" of "Runaway."  It's also a nice way to acknowledge each individual dancer.  

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