Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Stormtrooper Zombie Wedding? That's Three Things I Love in One!


Image by Rachel Krieshauser via Offbeat Bride
This creative couple from Colorado pulled out all the stops for their Stormtrooper Zombie wedding - including a zombie head chopping in lieu of a unity candle.  I bet that's one ceremony their guests will never forget!  (Offbeat Bride)

Also unforgettable?  These Brutal Knitting designs from Tracy Widdess.  Who knew yarn tentacles could look so fearsome? (The Mary Sue)

If you're thinking of seeing "Magic Mike," but want to know exactly how much skin you're in for, Vulture breaks it down with these handy graphs.  "Shadow penis?"  Color me intrigued.  (Vulture)

This Norway travelogue and slideshow has me pinin' for the Fjords. - (NYTimes)

Author Jennifer Weiner wears a vest like no one else (except maybe Jeffrey Eugenides). - (Salon)

In this touching, thoughtful piece from Andrew Sullivan's column "The Dish," Anderson Cooper confirms that yes, he is gay.  (Daily Beast)

I'm sharing this story to educate, not to horrify, ladies.  I promise.  (Blisstree)

Good news, everyone!  Scientist have found that a chemical in red wine helps to cut fat!  Ok, they need to do a little more research to confirm the findings, but feel free to have a glass of red anyway! (Wine Spectator)

And if you need a way to transport said wine in your luggage, why not use some inflatable arm bands?  (Lifehacker)

It's almost Independence Day.  Celebrate by trying one of these "Over-the-Top Burgers" from around the country.  America!  (Food & Wine)

Or if you have more of a sweet tooth, NPR takes a look at some USA-made candies.  (NPR)

D'Angelo, he of the sexy, um, everything, performed on tv for the first time in 12 years at the BET Awards this weekend.  He's looking and sounding pretty good on his latest, "Sugar Daddy."

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