Thursday, July 5, 2012

Links, Fourth of July Uncle Sam Approved...Maybe Edition



So let's start with the elephant in the room, I did not receive my expected cards and gifts for Canada Day from you, my beloved readers.  Not one traditional celebratory cookie bouquet or honey baked ham.  What do you mean I just made that up?  Fiiiiiiine, I just like ham. Still, Oh Canada, eh?

Well I may have made up the Canada Day cookie bouquet thing, but its no weirder then how these celebrities celebrate the 4th of July (Crushable)

Also, your Presidents had some weird (and some neat) honeymoons (The Awl)

I will never not be a sucker for “kids do a good deed” stories (Great Falls Tribune)

Speaking of awesome kids, how about the 14 year old who convinced Seventeen Magazine to stop airbrushing images? The kids ARE alright (Mommyish)

So as we all know, Anderson Cooper came out this week.  I know what you’re wondering, how did the world react?  Well, the world of gifs have had a lot to say (Buzzfeed)

And while we’re talking about him, how about this incredible Anderson moments.  Be prepared to tear up at some of them and leave room to fist pump in triumph to other ones (Daily Beast)

Also, Watch The Throne guest singer and possessor of a truly awesome set of pipes, Frank Ocean also came out this week with this simple and beautiful post to his tumblr site.  Warning, its so beautiful that you may very well cry, so in that way NSFW (Frank Ocean Tumblr)

On a lighter note, I don’t know about you guys, but for me there is literally nothing better then getting drinks for free.  Well, other then being able to get them with your smarts alone (Lifehacker)

Like many female nerds, I have an unnatural obsession with Dorothy Parker.  So smart! Such a good writer! So incredibly funny! Well here’s a great article on her that’s as sad, interesting and funny as she was (The Gloss)

The “spinster aunt” is a cliché that’s as old as time. But as someone who is probably only a year or two away from this very stereotype, its great to read it dealt with in such an smart, interesting, truthful way (Salon)

Yikes, a lot of that article was a little too close to home. Wait, guys, look at this puppy.  Look at it.  Nothing can be bad now, nothing! (Jezebel)

Summer is great.  Summer also brings out people’s stupidest behaviour: walking aimlessly and taking up space, playing Frisbee, going camping…yuck.  How do you deal? I bitch face.  You should too, you’ll suddenly find yourself with a lot fewer invites to Frisbee games and other dumb stuff. Except camping, campers won’t take no for an answer (Rookie)

I absolutely heart this new webseries (full disclosure, I know one of the actors, but its also just amazing and I would have loved it no matter what)

I think this video (and this couple) is pretty cute

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