Monday, July 23, 2012

Could We All Agree Something Is Awful And Leave Politics Out?

Pinky McLadybits

I am not getting into a whole gun debate here. I just want to say that disturbed individuals do disturbing things and blaming our movies for things like this is idiotic to say the least. Batman has always been against guns and killing. (Wired)

Let us now move on to the awesome cosplay from Comic Con. (Ain't It Cool)

Just as nerdy is this Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle bra. Hand painted! (etsy)

Keeping the geek going, here are the reading lists of your favorite fictional characters. (Flavorwire)

I think we should get sciencey! After a baby gorilla was caught in a jerk's trap, these juvenile gorillas were caught on film dismantling a similar trap. Awesome. (National Geographic)

Did you know that scientists use a solution to change specimens transparent in order to more easily study their internal structures? Read all about it! (Discover Magazine)


Were you aware of the smell of space? It isn't Professor Bobo's farts and Brain Guy's brain pan with hints of Pearl's knock-off perfume, unfortunately. (The Atlantic)

Fifth graders school The Washington Post on fact-checking. (Poynter)

Studio bumpers are the little animations of the studio names and/or logos that precede movies. Here are 23 of the best studio bumpers. (The Awl)

What Your peeing Style Says About You. Hee! (The Gloss)

Kegel panties? KEGEL PANTIES. (The Frisky)

This guy ABSOLUTELY captured what Deadpool would do at a Comic Con.

I think that this video's title is pretty explanatory.

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