Monday, July 2, 2012

Canada Day, Eh? Let's Light Some Canadian Fireworks!


Happy Canada Day to all our readers from the Great White North!  The Toronto Star has a nice recap with photos from yesterday's 145th celebration. (Toronto Star)

Toronto was the place to be yesterday, it seems.  What else were they celebrating?  Toronto's 32nd annual Pride Parade.  (National Post)

I'm sure a lot of our East Coast readers were affected by the power outages this weekend.  This is an interesting app - a blackout tracker that shows outages and explains why the power is down.  It does not, it should go without saying, really help if you're currently in a blackout, though.  (BoingBoing)

During the weekend outage, Pinterest, Instagram, and Netflix were all down.  Naturally, people flocked to Twitter to make jokes about the dearth of hipster food photos.  (Heaven help us if Twitter and Facebook ever go down at the same time.)  (Buzzfeed)

Also spotted on Buzzfeed, absolutely amazing weather photography from Jim Reed.  He braves incredible storms to bring us beautiful shots of Mother Nature at her worst.  (Jim Reed)

Now that everyone has recovered from the shock of Tom and Katie's big announcement, people are speculating over what drove them apart.  I'm no (Scientology) expert on relationships (Scientology), but I think that (Scientology) after 5 years of marriage (Scientology), there are many possible reasons (Scientology) for a couple to split (seriously, Scientology) and we may never really know the truth.  (It's totally Scientology.)  (Daily Beast)

"The Girl From Ipanema" turns 50 this year.  The actual girl from Ipanema?  Is 66 and still pretty foxy. (WSJ)

This is one rather cheeky way to recycle used French Horns.  (Laughing Squid)

Vajazzling - tacky trend or misunderstood art form?  (NSFWish) (The Gloss)

Is this dress fug or fab?  I vote fab, but I'm easily swayed by my love for Emma.  (GoFugYourself)

If you've been wondering what ever happened to that Harry Potter chap after he defeated the Dark Lord, you'll want to check out this upcoming webseries from Furious Molecules, "Harry Potter and the Ten Years Later," which premieres July 20th.  Here's the trailer - looks like a fun romp!

Laugh at me all you want, I'm getting a leash and harness for one of my cats.  I hope he takes to it like this kitten did - although I hope he'll follow MY lead and not the other way around!

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