Friday, July 13, 2012

Ben & Jerry's Frozen Yogurt Half Baked

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Rusty, and several of the other ladies, really enjoy Ben & Jerry's Greek Frozen Yogurt. I thought it was just alright, perhaps something I would eat instead of regular Ben & Jerry's if it was the only thing left in store freezers after the Apocalypse or when I was really hungry. Not great, but not bad. But it wasn't ice cream, my friends. So few things really are.

I was at Target, the Hot Ink Mecca, and I decided I wanted some Ben & Jerry's ice cream. Sure, I'm on a diet. BUT THE WEATHER IS HOTTER THAN SATAN'S BUTTHOLE AFTER HE FINISHES WATCHING MAGIC MIKE WITH HIS BOYFRIEND, SADDAM. Really hot. So I need more than air conditioners and hiding indoors to make me feel refreshed. I need frozen goodness.

Thankfully, along with the regular Ben & Jerry's there was FroYo Half Baked. It boasts chocolate and vanilla frozen yogurt swirls with chunks of brownies and cookie dough. Take that, Satan's Butthole!

I made a hella healthy dinner, full of grilled chicken, veg, and low fat Greek yogurt. It was delicious, but I knew that a possibly delicious treat of Ben & Jerry's awaited me when the kid was safely in bed. (If she's in bed, I don't have to share. WOOHOO!) Once she was safely ensconced in her Tinkerbell sheets, I grabbed the Ben & Jerry's FroYo Half Baked from the freezer and whipped out my Weight Watcher's app.

I had 10 points left for the day and one 1/2 cup serving of the FroYo Half Baked is 5 points. HOT DAMN, I GOT A FULL CUP!

One of the problems I had with the Greek Frozen Yogurt line was the creaminess. Texture is a thing with me sometimes, and ice cream and other frozen treats are one of those times. I want creamy frozen goodness, not icy and crunchy frozen meh-ness. On first glance, the FroYo was indistinguishable from regular Ben & Jerry's. I was happy to find that the yogurt was creamy, just like I had hoped.  That was a very good thing (please don't sue me, Martha Stewart).

The chocolate yogurt swirl is definitely the dominant of the two swirls. That's where the brownie bits live, in the chocolate. The bits are chewy and chocolate, which is how I like my brownies. I'm not a girl that likes too much chocolate, so the less abundant vanilla swirl was a welcome respite. The cookie dough was mixed in with the vanilla, so they were few and far between. There's a really nice balance between the vanilla and the chocolate, the cookie dough and the brownies.

The Ben & Jerry's FroYo Half Baked was extremely satisfying and I was happy with the cup serving that I had. I can see myself having the rest of the pint over two different sittings, which will fit in nicely with my diet. I should also mention how happy I was to see skim milk at the first item in the ingredient list. Mmmm, seems healthier. If you are looking for something that gives you the decadent indulgence of regular Ben & Jerry's without sacrificing taste, look for FroYo Half Baked.

Rating: 7/8 tentacles

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