Friday, June 1, 2012

I'm Sciencing As Fast As I Can!

Pinky McLadybits


Sleep science! Specifically, some studies about ignoring our body clocks and relying too much on "fake clocks" of the modern world. (Telegraph)

What's better than sleep science? BEER SCIENCE! Why do Guiness bubbles fall? (The Daily Meal)

Here are 40 of the most powerful photographs ever taken. Thanks, Julie? Get your tissues ready. (Buzzfeed)

Well, this sounds terrifying. A first-person horror game from the viewpoint of a two-year old. I don't know why it sounds more frightening that way, but it does! (BoingBoing)

Reddit apparently had a thread about fan theories concerning popular movies, television shows, and even rides. Here are some of the more inventive ones. Spoilers may abound. (SuperPunch) And here too. (SuperPunch)

BAHAHAHA! Suck it, "One Million Moms"! You want to boycott them because they love featuring loving families of all sexual orientations? Guess what? JC PENNEY DON'T GIVE A FUCK! JC PENNEY DOES WHAT IT WANTS! I'm gonna go buy stuff there. (Gawker)

Auctions are pretty damn sweet. Even more so when they feature the outlandish and odd, like this automated mortuary scene. You read that right. You insert a coin, doors open, it lights up, and you see morticians, dead bodies, and grieving individuals. (The Automata)

If you were driving in Australia and sheep began slamming into cars, would you just be happy they weren't one of the hundreds deadly creatures residing in your country? (Huffington Post)

If you are buying these pet foods for your dog, I can only hope that you are eating nothing but caviar and endangered animal meat for your meals. COME ON! (The Atlantic Wire)

A twelve-year-old tattoo artist that has been tattooing since she was six? Yes. And she's better than the dude that put the stick people having sex on your neck, dumbass. (Hypervocal)

Sandrine Boulet takes street art to a new place by taking photos and then adding in illustrations. (Pleated Jeans)

You will probably want to wait until you can listen to this with headphones. NSFW and a bit loud...

And let's learn how to dance in the club!

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