Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Don't Worry Baby, Everything Will Turn Out All Right


Happy Tuesday! Take a minute and check out that graph to the left. Everyone good? All right then, on to the links!

I can't top this headline: "Last Night Norway 'Forced' Everyone to Have Safe Sex at Seven O'Clock for a Whole Hour."  (The Gloss)

Well, I knew books sales were up thanks to the "50 Shades" craze, along with sex toy sales, but this I did not see coming.  (The FW)

Time to catch up with my favorite feisty feline, Louis!  (LouisVsRick)

Upon reading this article, some of us thought this might explain Madonna's British accent, but I'm pretty sure that's just good ol' pretension.  (Discovery News)

Please enjoy these gorgeous images of popping water balloons taken at high-speed by photographer Edward Horsford.  (io9)

You need more gorgeous?  How about a look at Prada's Menswear line for fall?  It's some steampunk-esque goodness, modeled by the likes of Gary Oldman, Willem Dafoe, Garrett Hedlund, and Jamie Bell.  (TLo)

A Pixar illustrator took some famous scenes from R-rated movies and turned them into a children's book.  I've never seen such a cute chestburster!  (The Mary Sue)

Love your footie pajamas so much you want to wear them in public, but don't because you fear being ostracized?  Maybe you need a pair of these shoe pants!  (Neatorama)

"Magic Mike" hits theaters this weekend!  Got your tickets yet?  More important question - who would you rather?  (Celebitchy)

How young is too young for a tongue piercing?  14?  12?  How about 11?  I'm hoping this photo is a fake.  (Evil Beet)

I couldn't find an embed code for this video anywhere, so apologies for just linking to it, but here's Jon Hamm showing off his acting skills on the latest ep of "Comedy Bang Bang."  (Buzzfeed)

Did you know there's another Kardashian sister?  Too bad this one doesn't have her own show - she's actually funny.  


  1. I sincerely hope that the rope sales are linked to the start of hurricane season, otherwise there are going to be lots of rope-burned people visiting their local urgent care.

    1. Maybe they should put a disclaimer by the rope section: "If you're here due to '50 Shades,' turn around and go to an adult bookstore. This ain't the right rope for you."