Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Things That Make Us Go Hmmm: I Said Chill Baby Baby Chill Baby Baby Wait

Metric Jenn

Look, if I have to suffer through this song in my head, the least I can do is burden the rest of you with it, too. Now that you've got the rhythm and the rhyme, here are today's fun-fun links!

Gail Vaz-Oxlade is Canada's financial guru. She's a no B-S lady who helps out people (like me) who have no idea how to manage money and get out of debt. Check her out. Seriously, folks. (Gail Vaz-Oxlade)

Do you watch The Big Bang Theory? I know some people don't like it, but I find Sheldon to be absolutely delightful, and my friend tells me I exhibit some of his characteristics. If this is true, then I should start dressing like him. (SheldonShirts)

I love Demetri Martin, and long to attend a stand-up show of his...until such time, his stuff on iTunes and these demotivational posters will have to do...*wistful sigh* (Demetri Martin)

You know how fashion gets nostalgic? Please, please, please, can we skip over the 90s??? (tumblr)

There are too many funny twitter accounts out there to follow them all and the last thing you want is to look like a spambot or a slutty slut who follows everyone and their dog! So here's a compilation, updated daily, of the funniest tweets out there in twitter-land. (fun tweets)

Don't you love smart ass responses? Especially when it comes to signs. (Happy Place)

I'm going to throw down this classic website. I'm on a diet, so that means torturing myself with internet cakes is better than actually stuffing an entire ACTUAL cake down my gullet. (Cake Wrecks)

Speaking of diet and exercise: I cannot watch The Biggest Loser without bursting into tears at pretty much EVERYTHING. I have no idea why this show affects me in such an insane way! Maybe I have a crush on Jillian Michaels? Anyhow, these are transformation photos that I've been using as inspiration. (The Biggest Loser)

In other news - news that can only be described as hilarious; the Khazakhstani Foreign Minister thanks Borat for increasing tourism. Did they adopt his version of the national anthem, too? (The Express Tribune)

I'm an elitist snob. So this official site selling noble titles is right up my alley. (SeaLand)

Big Lurch sounds like the adorable butler from The Addams Family. Unfortunately, he's not. He's a rapper who ate parts of his girlfriend. (Wikipedia)

Did you know that every dish shown during the opening credits of Napoleon Dynamite is eaten by a character later in the movie? There are a bazillion fun facts from that movie. Quirky movie made by quirky people! (Imdb)

I am a fool for facts and trivia. Here's a site that pretty much covers the spectrum from history to vocabulary to odd sexual persuasions. (did you know?)

Whew! Well, that's exhausted my link-knowledge for today! I will leave you all with songs that just make me happy to be alive. 

I miss Wheatus. We all were Teenage Dirtbags, oui?

The Offspring are so much fun. This also reminds me of my too-white brother in high school.

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