Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I Was Angry When I Wrote This, Excuse Me If I Curse Too Much

Pinky McLadybits

Do not read this link if you are eating lunch, want to eat lunch, are thinking about eating lunch. I AM SO SERIOUS, Y'ALL! It's the shitty jobs of the animal kingdom. (ABCs Of Animal World)

Keeping on the bug/animal theme, you'll never believe that this caterpillar is real and not some fancy paperweight you can buy for your Mom from Things Remembered. (Gizmodo)

We move now to the majestic octopus, tentacled deity of Pajiba and holder of clues to our planet's history. (Treehugger)

Ah, movie theaters. If you would just guarantee me that the old bitch in front of me won't loudly talk through the flick or that the asshole teenagers won't text or talk through the feature, I would give you my business. So now you have to make your employees work midnight showings for any movie that you think might just sell. This is why I just hit up the drive-in, bitches. (PSFK)

I suppose it isn't a competition to see who can be The Most Hipster Hipster Of Them All, but if it was, these three would be the top seeds. Assholes. (Top Cultured)

I think you deserve to look at something beautiful. Something that isn't dirty and covered in too much hair and not enough fashion sense. Enjoy! (Colour Lovers)

These buildings, HOW DO THEY WORK?!? architecture is a hell of a thing. (Web Urbanist)

Have we been impersonating Sigmund Freud properly all of these years? Listen to this recording of his vagina...VOICE! I meant voice! DAMMIT, FREUD! (Flavorwire)

If I want to make my boss love me, I just have to buy her a Monster High Doll. I kid, my daughter isn't the boss of me! But you probably have a boss and can use these tips to get in like Flint with them. (Quick Base)

Why is it that there are so many superior methods of finding good movies to stream on Netflix and none of them are the Netflix site itself? So stupid. Here is another such sight that will narrow it down for you using the Tomatometer, a date range of when the films were made, and the genre to help you out. (Lifehacker)

I have a lot of eye shadow palettes but not much makeup talent. I would like to get my hands on some of these colorful palettes, though. I've had my eye on that NYX Glitter palette for a while. (All Women's Talk)

Speaking of makeup, another Deviant Artist has designed makeup looks to correspond with major houses on Game of Thrones. I must say, I like the House Stark look, but I don't quite get the Lannister look. (Deviant Art)

Please enjoy these gifs of the oddly handsome Benedict Cumberbatch. Ohhh, yeah. Take off that scarf, dirty boy. (Pajiba)

Oh, Canada. Will I ever tire of this MST3K song mocking you? (SPOILER ALERT: NOOOOOO, I WILL NOT!)

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  1. I learned how to apply makeup primarily by watching the Pixiwoo YouTube channel when I was suffering from really bad insomnia. They have some good basic tutorials and lots of good ideas!