Friday, May 11, 2012

Better Yeux For Ye: Biotherm Homme Hydra Detox Yeux Eye Gel


Here to help me stop terrifying small children
I have dark undereye circles.  Not the kind that I used to get after and all-nighter that last for a half an hour and disappear after a giant coffee and a brisk walk to class in my pyjama pants (Ahhhh, University, how I miss your acceptance of elastic-wasted wardrobe choices).

Now I have the type of undereye circles that cartoonists use to indicate that a character is the hapless lazy, alcoholic comic-relief.  Now, I know how desirable that particular image is (watch out fellers) and how fun it is to regularly have well meaning folks tilt their heads at me like a dog looking at tv and ask me if I was getting enough sleep.  However, I am definitely ready to disappear those suckers.

The Biotherm Hydra Detox Yeux Eye Gel formula was something that had come highly recommended by several very stylish friends so I figured it was worth a try.  Like almost every cosmetic product I found it too expensive but as you use a tiny bit every day its lasts a long time.  Oh, and better yet, it works better for me then anything else I've ever used

ALSO here's a dirty little secret: if you buy the men's version its cheaper and its exactly the same.  You may get a weird look and slightly condescending advice that you should really stick with the woman's product.  Just ignore it and buy the dude stuff. Oh gendered price differences: so bad for equality, so great for my wallet.

Okay, gender-bending saving opportunities aside, let's get back to the review.  The product is a gel that feels a little greasy to the touch.  The product claims to help protect the skin from toxins in addition to minimizing dark circles and puffiness.  I'm not sure how many toxins this cream has protected me from.  My eyes have not mutated so far, which as a big Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fan is a little upsetting.  However, my undereyes look much less baggy.  As for minimizing the appearance of dark circles, I still see them pretty clearly but they may be slightly lighter.  After using the Hydra Detox for a few weeks I have felt more confident in my appearance and people have said I look less tired.

I do have a few mild complaints with the product.  It stings slightly when I put it on sometimes.  The product claims to be fine for people with contacts.  However, if I, a person who has never worn contacts find the product a little irritating, I feel like it could easily irritate the eye of a contact wearer.  I have also found that if I want to put cover-up over my dark circles, I have to wait quite a while between applying the product and putting on makeup or makeup doesn't really adhere to my undereye, but instead kind of pools in different places on my face, giving me  more like a later years Lucille Ball then I'm hoping for.

Sorry Lucy, I love you, but your look got a little too, um, Divine, at the end
I give the Hydra Detox 6 out of 8 tentacles.  Its a miracle worker on my undereye bags, but I don't see  much if any discernable difference in my dark circles.  Its also kind of expensive for me.  Also, come on Biotherm, make products for women and men cost the same.  A gender price differential is just crappy.  I know it's an attempt to get men to buy more personal care products, but its also pretty dang unfair.

Rating: 6/8 tentacles

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