Wednesday, October 5, 2011

In Your Face! - Fatigue Fighting Face Cream

 Author: Replica

On my little contributor thingie, it says 'I never sleep' right next to my name. Cute hey?

There's nothing cute about the reality of my rather appalling sleep situation: multiple jobs, new single parent status, financial woes - I'm laying it all out here - if I've gotten to bed before 3:30 more than twice in the last month, it was by pure accident, possibly the kind where I tripped and didn't get back up until everything was yelling at me - appliances, kids, bosses...the world.

I'm not gonna go on - we are ALL stressed, exhausted, put upon, embarrassed and in a state of high piss off - I know it.

What I wanted to do was to tell you about the cool product(s) I bought that have people around me saying I look great. I am loving this stuff mostly because of the pure ridiculousness of getting compliments while in this state of physical disgrace.

The products, which I bought in tandem from my local Shopper's Drug Mart (woot! on the gift with purchase, I might add) came in at around $70.00 for dual jars of Biotherm Skin·Ergetic Non-Stop Anti-Fatigue MoisturizerCream Gel and Skin.Eergetic NightOvernight High-Recovery Moisturizer With D-Tox Complex.They came in a nice soft orange makeup bag too - I plan to use it as a pillow.

There's some blather about anti-oxidants, free-radical smushing ingredients, and I don't know exactly why fruit and vegetable 'fractions' are doing such a good job, but I honestly don't care a whit for the promo speak. They said I'd wake up looking 'rested, skin smoother, contours refined, with a revived complexion' and darned if they aren't really close. More than anything else I've tried, to be frank, and I don't have the time here to yank your chain. 

The day cream has a nice fresh, wake up! citrusy smell, hasn't given me any breakouts (which is a wonder to end wonders), is light and soft and moistury, and goes very well under my makeup for more than a fourteen hour day. I do use a little undereye gel as well, but we are talking Louis Vuitton quality baggage - I never would expect one thing to be able to fight those alone.

The night cream has a slightly dusky smell to it, made up of some kinds of tea and seed 'fractions', and is slightly richer, but by no means gloppy or heavy. When I wake up, I'm shocked to find I'm not as greasy as the floor at whatever place I get the food items from (when I remember to eat).

I have tried loads of products, and I have to say I'm really happy with Biotherm's stuff. They have obviously made a targeted promotional sales pitch to ensnare all of us exhausted, aiming high but settling for okay, everyday waking zombies, but they have something good on offer and I'll take it.

The compliments are all that's getting me through the day.

Rating: 7/8 tentacles


  1. That price tag may put it on my gift list, or a "wait until my fiance is employed again" list. But I'm definitely hoping to try this out!

  2. Huh, good to know. I am in a constant state of feeling half-dead and quite often look it, so this may be one of those 'expensive but worth it' things to try out.

  3. Replica here (at work)

    Do what I did - I got a small sample amount from the store (because I've learned my lesson about breakouts from creams) that lasted me over two weeks - you do not need much of this cream at all.

    Also, you don't have to buy both products - I found the day cream worked great overnight in a fix. I bought both because I am REALLY pushing it with the late nights.

    Once I had the sample and tried it for a week, I tossed the old stuff immediately.