Wednesday, May 2, 2012

10 Sexiest Movie Superheroes


We're pretty excited for the upcoming release of "The Avengers" this weekend, so we figured what better time for a superhero themed Hump Day list?  

(And before you nitpick, the choices were narrowed down to comic book heroes, only - so just relax and enjoy!)

Captain America:  He's the All-American boy with some SERIOUS guns.

Batman: Bale makes this driven Dark Knight look GOOD.

Magneto:  What? He wasn't ALWAYS evil.

Iron Man:  RDJ makes this egotistical playboy appear charming without even trying.

Kato: Sure, he's not in costume, but now you can see more of his gorgeous face!

Mystique:  She can be whatever you want her to be... but only if it pleases her.

Hannibal King:  Not technically a superhero, you say?  Perhaps, but I'd argue ABS!

Thor:  ARMS.

Superman:  Sure, others have played this role, but no one can top Christopher Reeves.  That chin!  Those eyes!  He'll always be the Man of Steel to me. 

Wolverine:  Again, arms.  And those mutton chops!  'Nuff said, bub.


  1. I LOVE big, defined arms on a man. LOVE IT.

  2. I'll take a Thor and a Wolverine, please. Hold the fries.