Monday, April 9, 2012

I Think We Have 14 Pounds Of Easter Candy and 10 Pounds Of Ham.

Pinky McLadybits

Sadly, 60 Minutes anchor Mike Wallace passed away yesterday. He was 93. Here are some of his best interviews. (The Stir)

I hope you had a great Sunday, whether you celebrated Easter or not. Let's look at the only acceptable use for Peeps: AWESOME DIORAMAS! (Comics Alliance)

I'm sad that I didn't think to geek-up my Easter eggs. I did have one dyed a lovely TARDIS blue! (Geek Sugar)

When eyeing your child's Easter loot, did you wonder why the bunny was hollow chocolate? Or why we have chocolate bunnies at all? Never fear, the answer is here! (Smithsonian Magazine)

If you're like me, you really like fan-made, minimalist movie posters. Check out these posters that work for two movies. (Geek Art)

Ugh, this list of fairly disgusting sex things that the Bible allows are sort of hilarious and terrifying at the same time. Blurgh. (The Gloss)

I don't think anyone should be ashamed of liking Young Adult fiction, as long as it isn't because you fantasize about under-age kids and reading these books are how you prep yourself before you hop in your windowless van that has a sign reading "FREE IPADS INSIDE". Not cool. But for everyone else, it's fine to read the books! (Divine Caroline)

Speaking of The Hunger Games, I thought Jennifer Lawrence looked amazing. Curvy, normal, and healthy. People are complaining, of course. Those people are ASSHOLES. (Blisstree)

It is fun, however, to hear attractive stars talk about their awkward years. Most everyone has them and we grow out of them. The Emu with a bowl cut? HILARIOUS! (The Frisky)

Are you ready to puke in your mouth? Okay: Peanut Butter and Jelly....VODKA! URRRRPPP! (Neatorama)

These earrings won't make you vomit, but the eyeballs are creepy as all hell. (Oddee)

We saw some terrible album covers the other day. Now prepare to behold terrible book names and covers! (Wall To Watch)

I definitely don't hate James Franco. After seeing this video, I sort of want to have his babies. As long as they are well-behaved and reasonably-sized at birth.

Something even more adorable? Well, alright. Super Best Friends Forever!

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