Thursday, March 1, 2012

Tom Hardy: Momma Like!! Oh, And Some Links Too...

Pinky McLadybits

Tom Hardy greets you on this, the first of March. No reason. Except that he's gorgeous.

Here's some more gorgeous stuff, though I'm less inclined to dream about them tonight. Photos of fashion throughout history. (Old Rags)

Well, maybe I'll dream about wearing one of those dresses while being courted by Hardy. Yes. That sounds good. I'll aim for 8 hours, unlike these people that split their sleep into 2 chunks and occupy themselves in-between. (BBC News)

Ah, The Hunger Games. I adored the books and I am looking forward to the movie(s). Check out these photos and become either more excited or finally excited. (Pajiba)

Speaking of Katniss, here are 10 more badass women who didn't have superpowers. (The Mary Sue)

By now you probably already know that Davy Jones, of The Monkees, has passed away at age 66. I loved The Monkees growing up (aw yeah, Nick at Night!) and especially loved the dreamy Jones. Some people saw The Monkees as just a ripoff of The Beatles, but they had their own hits and their own style. (The Gloss)

Habit loops! That's what those are called! This is why I feel the need to do all of the things in such a specific manner and feel out of sorts when even one thing is off. I totally run on habit loop in the morning. (The Emotion Machine)

I don't think my whole "beating Resident Evil 4 on all the gamine platforms" was a habit loop. I think it was just my crush on Leon S. Kennedy. And the splattering of La Plaga-infected townspeople when I blasted them full of bullets. I'm not the only one who thinks Leon is HOT. (The Hairpin)

Wow. Even if Whitney Houston hadn't passed recently, this is possibly the top 5 of idiotic and plain not funny cards ever made. (Gossip Cop)

Something else creepy and depressing? SURE! TLC's show "My Strange Addictions" is not even kidding with that title. At. All. (Warming Glow)

Let's all feel better with two words: Cupcake ATM! (Gizmodo)

Then check out these Essential Apps from February and grab some of those too. TREAT YO SELF! (Gizmodo)

BAHAHAHAH! Figgy will love this! You favorite celebs, CHOLAFIED! The one of the Toddlers and Tiaras kid is geep's new profile picture for Facebook, I HOPE! (Uproxx)

Ukrainian Pop Band covers Bon Jovi: even more amazing than it sounds!

Look! New trailer for The Avengers! I'm avoiding trailers more and more because they give away all of the plot, but enjoy!

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