Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Today Is National Frozen Food Day. Any Ice Cream Breaks Will Be Guilt-Free, I Promise!


Well, it's Tuesday.  I've got nothin'.

If you live on the East Coast, this may interest you.  Polish up those telescope lenses!  (ars technica)

A woman in Nebraska just sold a Chicken McNugget she saved (for three years) because it looks a wee bit like George Washington.  For $8,100.  WHY?  (The Telegraph)

Pay attention, fellas.  We're not complaining, we're sharing.  (Science Daily)

If you're not a fan of Thomas Kinkade, it may be because you simply just don't understand his art.  Thankfully, Drew Dernavich over at The Awl has taken up the burden of analyzing and explaining the masterpieces in Kinkade's 2012 calendar.  One month at a time.  (The Awl)

Turns out redheads feel pain differently from the rest of us normal, not-at-all freaky/weird/scary people.  (ScienceNordic)

Every cat owner should have one of these, especially if you'd like to prevent your guests from impaling their feet on shards of litter.  (Boing Boing)

Got a scratchy throat?  Crack that Jack, tip it back.  I just made that up.  (Lifehacker)

Further proof that nerds have all the fun:  Pirate Training classes at MIT.  Arrrgh.  (Boston.com)

In case you're in need of a good night's rest, here's how to naturally reset your sleep cycle in a single night.  (WiseBread)

And here are a few handcrafted penis gifts that are sure to be the talk of your mother-in-law's next birthday party.  (Gawker)

I try not to insert my political beliefs in these here fun and friendly links, but everyone, and I mean everyone, should be pissed the hell off about the recent and constant attacks on the reproduction rights of American women.  It is 2012, people.  (Salon)

How adorable has Prince Harry been on his Diamond Jubilee tour of the Caribbean?  (The Daily Beast)

Who cares if you've got a pal to trip the light fantastic with when you can visit one of these 7 Ideal Destinations for the Solo Traveler?  (All Womens Talk)

I can't keep up with all the talent contests currently on my TV, and there's no way I'd even want to keep track of the ones they've got over in the UK.  This performance caught my eye, though, and it's because it's just pretty damn cool.

Dr. Neil DeGrasse Tyson was asked in an interview what "the most astounding fact" is.  His answer will move you.

And finally, a perfectly lovely little video explaining the origin of the popular Keep Calm and Carry On posters.  Really, who wouldn't love to have a cup of tea in that gorgeous and cozy bookstore?  Sigh  Enjoy your Tuesday, my dears.

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