Wednesday, March 28, 2012

This Lolcat Represents How I Feel About Today. Also, IT'S SO FREAKING CUTE!

Mel Biv Devoe

 Happy Wednesday, y'all.  Is it me or is this week just slooooooowly dragging along?  You could probably use a pick-me-up or twelve.  So I found these links for you.  Because I'm a frickin' sweetheart sometimes. 

Let's get things started with some bracket fun!  I don't mean NCAA brackets - lord knows mine are all shot to hell (damn it, Michigan State!).  Over on io9, you can vote for the Worst Science Fiction Movie Ever!  (io9)

Well, of course Jesus is preapproved.  People have been giving him credit for YEARS.  (Consumerist)

Anyone who's pregnant or has been pregnant can relate to this hilarious article from Courtney Enlow.  And those of us who haven't been, we can learn from it (or get our tubes tied from fear, whatever).  (Pajiba)

So, pregnant ladies, eating placentas - yay or nay?  Personally, I fall into the "Oh HELL no!" camp.  (NYMag)

Ok, that was a little gross.  Here's a cute sloth chaser for you!  (TheFW)

The upcoming election has inspired Photoshop artists around the world to make... well... these horrifying images.  Seriously, I will be seeing that Romney/Antoinette mashup in my nightmares tonight.  (PhotoshopDisasters)

These images of the sun taken during a recent solar storm don't need any Photoshop tinkering at all - they're pretty fantastic.  (Time)

So you want to see "The Hunger Games" but don't want to deal with the crowds?  Here, someone has made their own version of it for you.  With, um, Beanie Babies.  (Topless Robot)

Speaking of "The Hunger Games," some people have criticized Jennifer Lawrence's portrayal of Katniss, saying she's too "big" to be a starving teen.  To those people, I say, "Kindly STFU."  (Slate)

So this mother was worried about her daughter's weight and put her on a diet.  That's ok, right?  Well, she also publicly shamed and embarrassed her.  Did I mention the poor girl was just 7 years old?  (Jezebel)

I love a good "Then and Now" roundup.  Here's a collection of supporting actors from the 90's.  Sam from "Clarissa Explains It All" done grew up nicely!  (Buzzfeed)

Wait, some women achieve orgasm from working out?  Perhaps it's time to join a gym after all.... (Salon)

Upset about the recent revelation that Wall Street bankers refer to their clients as "Muppets"?  Well, the Muppets aren't too happy about that, either.

Muppets vs. Goldman Sachs from Neal McDonough

And now, let us welcome our new robot overlords with a nice, firm handshake.

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  1. I find it amusing that people are harping on Katniss not looking starved enough. It's well established that at this point in the book, she's actually doing pretty well in terms of nourishment, between hunting fresh game and trading some of her kills for other fresh food. Also? JLaw looks amazing. And notice no one is complaining that the guys don't look starved enough. Because of course they aren't. ::eye roll::