Thursday, March 8, 2012

Lise Watier Feline Eyeliner HD: Sexy Eyes for All! (even the clueless)


When I was a kid I went through a lot of “stages”. There was the stage where I was obsessed with dinosaurs, there was the stage where I wanted to be a firefighter, there was the stage I wanted to be a firetruck (I was a weird kid).

However, my longest phase of all was my obsession with Egyptian history. They seemed so cool and smart and glamorous and I wanted to be just like them. Well, minus the use of slave labour, which was something my “Let’s Learn About Egypt” book forgot to mention.

This childhood obsession has led to an appreciation of bold heavily lined eyes. An appreciation as strong as my inability to reproduce that look on my own face. Well, except far that time when I tried using a Sharpie, before my Mom caught me and wrestled it out of my hand (remember how I said I was a weird kid?).

If you too have difficulty getting a straight even line of eyeliner I highly recommend the Feline Eyeliner. Its basically like using a felt tipped marker on your eyelid but without all the almost permanently disfiguring yourself and having your Mom yell at you.

The thin tip makes it simple to get a precise line and I find it to be far less smudgey then a lot of other products I’ve tried. Its also much more long lasting. It even held up decently during a recent viewing of Dear Zachary which is possibly the saddest movie in the entire world. After seeing it I wanted to hide in my room forever, but my eyes still looked nice.

I give this product 6/8-7/8 tentacles based on your makeup skill level. Its easy to use, even for people as hopeless with makeup as me and is a nice dark black. However, it is an expensive product, so if you are have a moderate to advanced skill level it may not be worth the expense.
Rating: 6/8 - 7/8 tentacles

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