Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Hump Day Hot List: Latinos! They are Everywhere! And damn, they are hot.


This week our fearless leader, Pinky, has given me the arduous task of compiling a list of the hottest Latin Men You May Not Have Heard Of, and Some You Might Have, I Don't Know. Hmm. Might have to work on that title. Point is, I sat myself down and thought very hard and very long on this Most Serious of assignments, and compiled the list for you, our insatiable appreciators of Sexy Mens.

So here they are, gathered from all corners of the Americas, and even one from Spain. What? They count!

I'll try my best to write more than "OH COME ON JUST *LOOK* AT HIM", but I can't promise much.

1. Reynaldo Giannechini

Here you go, world. I am sharing him with you now, even though I'd love to keep him all to myself. How does the entire world not know about him yet? Well, mostly he restricts himself to making novelas in his native Brazil, and keeping his outrageously gorgeous self in their magazines. NOT FAIR, BRAZIL. Have you ever seen a more beautiful man in your life? NO. Oof. Do yourself a favor and google him. Google him forever.

2.William Levy

You may recognize this Cuban actor from hilarious clips of The Soup, as being from that one novela with all the longing, significant glances. OK, that might be all of them, but you know. Point is he's ridiculously handsome and built. And just look at that mouth. Mmm.

3.David Zepeda

If you're smart, you'll scramble to find your local Univison station and tune in to the new novela, "Abismo de Pasion". Silly name, but you'll find this perfect Mexican specimen in all his glory--that's to say, shirtless. And if there's one thing telenovelas do right, it's gratuitous shirtlessness. I mean, half the credits feature him shirtless. They know how to do things.

4.Javier Bardem

Damn you, Penelope Cruz. Damn you. I love how he can look completely terrifying and repulsive one second, then dashingly handsome in that suave Spanish (from Spain, dears) way.

5.Valentino Lanus

Yet another hero of Mexican novelas, who is also constantly shirtless in his shows. Coincidence? Nah. He's also very charming and has beautiful smile, and that fine head of hair just kills me. Alas, he's not in any shows airing now, but it's only a matter of time before he comes back. At least, I hope so.

6.Alejandro Sanz

Just about every woman in Latin America knows and adores this Spanish singer. He writes gorgeous songs that are nothing short of poetry, and has a lovely, husky voice to go along with it. You may recognize him from this awesome video with Shakira. But do yourselves a favor and Google "Cuando Nadie Me Ve". You'll thank me.

7. Alejandro Fernandez

He's a Mexican singer with an incredible voice and gorgeous...well, everything. He writes poetic, romantic songs that have made Latin American women swoon in a most dramatic manner.

8.Ricky Martin

You know Ricky, right? Of course you know Ricky. We all know and love Ricky. He's adorable, beautiful, and charming as hell. And he's only gotten better looking with age.

9.Ricardo Fernandez

I confess I don't know much about him, but when my friend Sofia suggested him for this list and I googled? Well, now I HAVE to know more. LOOK AT THAT ADORABLE FACE! They make them nice down in Chile.

10. Sebastian Rulli

Direct from Argentina to your waiting....arms. Look at that jaw! And the arms. And hair. And hair. The accent! OK you can't LOOK at the accent, but you get the point. If you have Hulu Plus, you can find him on the ridiculous telenovela "Teresa" in all his shirtless glory.

So, there you go. Can you tell I watch a lot of novelas? But...can you blame me? They're all ridiculous and over-the-top silly, and they have THOSE GUYS in them. And they're just shirtless like, all the time. I think it's time you all tuned into Univision every now and then. For your own goods.


  1. *sigh* Sebastain Rulli. Last telenovela I saw was Pasion (And in the past 10 years I've only seen like 4) and what caught my eye was his... everything. *drools*

    Figgy, next hot latino list you should add Carlos Ponce and Aaron Diaz. ;)

  2. Alejandro Fernandez is the son of singer Vicente Fernandez. His nickname is El Potrillo which means the colt due to his uber famous dad. He is, well, insanely hot. The son, not the father.

    Alejandro Sanz is ridiculously talented. While the video for Cuando Nadie Me Ve is sensational, the video for his first song ever, called Pisando Fuerte which is about his trying to seduce a much older woman, is one of the sexiest things you will ever see.

    Ricky Martin, years and years ago did a Mexican novela called Alcanzar una Estrella 2. Yes, it was a part 2. He had long hair and wore a lot of leather. It was magnificent.