Thursday, March 22, 2012

Happy Birthday Elvis Stojko ! (With Additional Heart-Warmingness)


Okay, perhaps if you're not Canadian the birth of Elvis Stojko isn't a thing and the connection between figure skating and internet links isn't clear... but trust..the man is amazing!!!  And while I don't know the man personally, I feel like he's the type that would love internet links for his b-day (see Elvis, I get you)

Here are some links that may or may not relate to the majesty of Elvis Stojko (okay, they almost 100% don't relate)

Here's an interview with the newest Dr Who Companion.  What do we think about her? (I like her, and I bet Elvis does too) (Doctor WhoUK) 

How do you stack up in the nail polish obsession front? (MissJenFabulous)

We've all seen her sing with Joseph Gordon-Levitt, but have you seen Zooey Deschanel belt out a tune with Jean-Ralphio? (I mean Ben Schwartz) Stop stealing my crushes Deschanel! (Hello Giggles)

Speaking of Jean-Ralphio....

Cate Blanchett has appeared on the cover of a magazine sans photoshop.  While its a little sad how rare it is to see a non-photoshopped face, I love this., what a babe! (Daily Mail) 

As part of a pretty damn funny method of protest women have overwhelmed Rick Perry's facebook page to ask women's health questions ( .

Do you have a question? (I know Elvis and I do) Why not post yourself (Give Rick Perry a Chance).  I especially like the idea of sending him Etsy labias

Speaking of Etsy, how about a guilt trip with your upcycled Prom Monstrocity? (Regretsy)

Also, for some reason (I can't think why) the above reminded me to vote early and vote often in Fug Madness (Go Fug Yourself) 

And just in case you were wondering what all the Stojko fuss was about...its this  and this and this.  Oh and this (he's still got it!)

And as a special bonus for my unwavering push of Stojko on our mostly American audience, the most heart warming and adorable dog video I've ever seen ( Yes, I know the name "God Vine" is a little creepy, watch the video anyways

This dog seems to be saying, "WHATEVA! I DO WHUT I WANT!"

Finally, Mad Men: The Game!

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