Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Feel Kind Of Tingly, Like When I Climb The Rope In Gym Class

Pinky McLadybits

Yo - Metric Jenn here; Pinky had an intro where she apologized for being crap at links. Well, I'm here to say that she's being too modest. She is cool and funny and better at links than I could ever be, as evidenced by the incredible compilation below. So you all are going to shut up, click on every one of these links and LIKE IT. Because I say so. And I'm smart and pretty. Prettier than Pinky, but that's a story for another day.

Let's start with a trip down memory lane. Here is an article about The Ren & Stimpy Show. Oh, Billy West. YOU RULE. (Split Sider)

I am so excited for The Hunger Games but I feel like some of the attempts to cash in on it are a bit overboard. Like this gym that offers a Hunger Games workout. (The Gloss)

This Hunger Games tie-in looks fairly sweet though. A video game! (io9)

I know you all know about People of Walmart. You must. It is an internet institution. This woman is a very special snowflake with snowflake hair. Fancy. (People of Walmart)

You know what else is super fancy? Beer cheese fondue. I'm serious. I would eat the hell out of some beer cheese fondue. Maybe with some soft pretzel sticks? Oh yeah. (Polish The Stars)

Then maybe I'll work off all of the calories with some exercise. Exercise that can cause orgasms. DON'T JUDGE. (Gizmodo)

Sometimes I think I've seen everything that there is to see. And then I find a new website and a cock my head quizzically to the side and wonder why. WHY. (Hats of Meat!)

How do you feel about choosing between two terrible options? Does it sound like fun? I have got the website for you, kids! (Which Is Worse?)

Now this site is quite amazing and heartbreaking at the same time. People write anonymous letters to various people in their lives, both those they know and those they don't. (Dear Blank, Please Blank)

Have you ever wondered how to make a simple fog machine? Or how to make a book safe? Wonder no more. (Wonder How To)

Here's an addictive, Potato Head-esque, flash site that allows you to create human faces from different pieces. (monoface)
Let's balance that face with some amazing photographs of ants. (Lens Art)

Ok Go-pid for all your dating needs. Free balloons for the singles and bad coffee in the waiting room.

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