Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Valentines' Day Gifts: A Time To Buy Me Sweet Stuff

I don't want chocolates (can't indulge on diet), I don't want only flowers (they totally die), and I don't want just dinner. I want a gift for this Valentine's Day! And not a pre-packaged gift that hundreds of other people also chose for their significant other while browsing Target the day before V-Day. I want something that says PINKY. Not literally you see, as I want this handmade necklace from etsy store Pica Pica Press.

Mystery Science Theater 3000 theater silhouette locket in silver. I need it like a crackhead needs a fix, but with less puking and about the same amount of blowies. I adore it. Gimme. - Pinky

I'm not romantic at all. Valentine's Day, in general, has been a non-event in my life because I don't see the point, and just don't give a crap. So really? What would I love to get for Valentine's Day? A smile, time together, and A HUGE FUCKING DIAMOND RING...*ahem* no sorry...that was someone else typing. For reals - I'd just want to have my vagina devastated and not be able to walk properly for a week. - MetricJenn

My tastes are simple, but expensive. I want an iPad of my own, because, if you really loved me, you wouldn't make me share yours. Also? If you really loved me, you wouldn't pay full price for Apple. Get me a refurb, my love. - Dixie

I don't actually have a partner right now, so my link is about honoring the two great lifelong love affairs I've been privileged to witness - the relationships of both sets of my grandparents.

Because they have always regaled me with laughter, I can think of no better possible Valentine's Day Gift to MYSELF than to get the incomparable Pinky McLadyBits to cross-stitch "GodDammit Jean!" (with matching patriarchal seahorse symbol) and "OH Fred!" (with a symbolic tesla coil) respectively.

Consider this an order, Pinky. Check out her Etsy site here: Pinky Makes Stuff - Replica

While I am single this year, my biggest frustration when I was with someone for Valentine’s day was guys acting like doing something nice for their girlfriend was some kind of chore or who just shut down when the topic was brought up. I’d love for a guy to sit down with me and discuss what we’d BOTH like to do so we could have an enjoyable evening together that enhances our relationship rather than adding some weird sense of obligation to it. And have that evening happen not on Valentine’s day because everything is stupid crowded and I hate that. - Rusty

MrFig and I aren't really very big on Valentine's Day, so we don't do gifts. But if I had to ask for something, it would be flowers. I know, just about the cheesiest VDay's gift you could ask for, but how can you go wrong with flowers? They're colorful, pretty, and will light up any room they're in. And think outside the box: gerbera daisies, tulips, marigolds, hydrangeas. I particularly love single-color arrangements like these daisies. Anything but red roses. And obviously, get the cheap chocolates the next day. - Figgy

While I understand the allure of not-there underwear, I think there's something so sexy about these:

I love the color and the style; they're the perfect V-day underthings. - Cindy

Everyone knows that the ingredient list for the world's most potent love potion looks something like this: 15 pounds of butter, 180 eggs, and 16 pounds of flour. That's right, Boyfriend (if you're reading this), all I want for Valentine's Day is the World's Largest Cupcake. Sure, I might have an immediate coronary upon consumption, but what could be more romantic than loving me 'til my heart stops? - Nora

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  1. you are awesome.
    I am so glad I found your blog! hilarious woman.
    Check out my recent post to see what I got myself as a single lady for Vday ;)