Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Ulta Nail Prints: Here It Goes Again

Pinky McLadybits

Yes, yes. I am a sucker for all things easy and nail-related. Especially the notion of sticking on the polish and removing the dry time from the equation. I suppose I could help it, but I don't want to. I was getting my free item from Ulta for spending money there and while I was in line I noticed the awesome-looking Ulta Nail Prints in Skull. Even though they were $12, I snapped them up immediately. 

I decided that they couldn't be any worse than Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips. They would have to totally refuse to stick to my nails and smell like dog poop to be worse than those. Lucky for me, neither of those things occurred while using the Ulta Nail Prints. Yay!
My nails were already free of polish and clean, so I didn't need to to mess with nail polish remover before using the nail prints. The kit came with the same type of nail file and cuticle stick as the Sally Hansen kits and the instructions were the same. The Nail Prints were easier to remove the protective film from and they were easier to maneuver as well. I was able to easily position the Prints and smooth them over my nails.

I folded the Prints under my nail tips to help them stay better and then used the cuticle stick to really help them adhere. I made a couple of mistakes and made a small bump in the Print, but since they're black with skulls on them it isn't really noticeable. I was quite pleased with my end result and went to bed. The next morning I expected to see ruined nails, full of pulled sections and missing strips. They were fine. No problems.

Truthfully, almost a week later, they still look pretty damn good. Sure, there are chips at the ends of my nails, but this is the longest a set of these has ever lasted. There have been no long stripes peeling off, no rips or tears while performing everyday tasks, and no loud cursing from me. The only trouble I really had was when I washed my hair the day after applying the Nail Prints. I had left a bit of a flap on a couple of nails, which is my own fault for choosing the sizes poorly, and ended up trimming them with cuticle scissors. Next time I will trim up the Prints before finishing the nails. I think that will be most helpful and allow me to even keep the tips free of chips for a longer period of time.

The Ulta Nail Prints aren't perfect, but I think that I can get an even better result with a second application of them. The price is a bit steep and a little crazy considering you can buy polish for less than that and get more mileage from it, but I think these are fun for special occasions or when you're tired of boring nails.

Rating: 6/8 tentacles

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