Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Too Many Contributors Only Serves To Create AWESOMESAUCE

Kolby, Park, Nora

So, they've made another Spider-man movie.  I...don't know how I feel about this, and it's probably because I can't bring myself to care.  (Pajiba)

Well, just like everything else in this great country of ours, Chrysler's Super Bowl "Halftime in America" ad has become political fodder.  What's your take on it?  (MSNBC)

We've all overheard someone stating a fact that we know to be completely untrue.  Here are a few doozies.  (Reddit)

Online dating is now the second-most popular way for couples to meet.  The first is still drunk sex followed by an awkward breakfast "date."  What you you mean?  That totally counts as a relationship!  (The Huffington Post)

Did you see the Volkswagon commercial during the Super Bowl, the one with the dog that lost weight to chase a car? Here's a making of video for that commercial. (Dog Work)

Ke$ha makes her assistant wear a penis costume and bounce. But don’t worry. That doesn’t mean Ke$ha’s not an independent woman “I do destroy men on a weekly basis”. Feminism: You’re getting it wrong. (Digital Spy)

I think Emma or Anna would be great companions. I have no idea who Pixie Lott is, but perhaps its time for a Companion to have a really British name. How about Apple Turnover Twilliger? You’re welcome, Steven Moffat. (Digital Spy)

I'm going to put these on everything. EVERY. THING. (Freshly Given)

What a well-written, cogent argument about the difficulties women face in the music industry. Just kidding! #dontworryaboutwritingcorrectlyitsjusttheinternet (Hipster Runoff)

Three words: Pixelated. Heart. WANT. (Mashable Tech)

Good news, everyone! Karen Handel resigned from Susan G. Komen Foundation! (Associated Press)

I'm not sure how many people actually believe all of these. (Cracked)

Totally didn’t tear up at this. Not at all #Canadiankryptonite

And now, Dramatic Interpretations of Facebook. NSFW.

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