Tuesday, February 21, 2012

It's National Hot Young Studs On Motorcycles Day. Totally.

That there's Steven R. McQueen (the iconic actor's grandson).  I have no other words.  Just sounds.  Ahem...links?

Steve McQueen - no not that Steve McQueen (I was disappointed despite knowing that THE Steve McQueen passed away years ago) - claims Michael Fassbender was passed over at Oscar nomination time because Americans are prudes.  (The Guardian)

A Swedish doctor is being charged with two cases of sexual abuse for demonstrating what he called the "Windshield Wiper" technique on two of his patients.  Nowhere in the article is this technique described.  Nice reporting, random Swedish writer.  (The Local)

I linked to a few pf these photos a couple of months ago, but now that they've gone viral they're worth a second look.  And a third.  They're truly mesmerizing.  (Wired)

In case you're wondering if you're not getting enough nutrition from the food you're eating, here are a few ways to give your meals a vitamin and mineral boost.  (Lifehacker)

Sometimes it can be difficult to understand why you are being overlooked for a job. As for these people? I don't know how they could not know why they weren't being hired. (BuzzFeed)

I have a love/hate relationship with Twitter. It serves certain needs but also flaunts faceless idiocy. R.L. Stine on Twitter? This is how you use it to your advantage. (A.V. Club)

First, flowers. Next, DINOSAURS! (The New York Times)

This is even more amazing than discovering extinct flowers. NPH and Jason Segel busting out a song from Les Mis! (Pajiba)

Oh, man! Farts are funny! Seriously! There's nothing better than a well-times fart joke. Even the ancient Japanese knew that! (io9)

What's the only thing better than a fart joke? TWO FART JOKES! Or, in this case, fart links! (Persephone Magazine)

First she lands a hosting gig for SNL and now a possible Liz Taylor biopic? Wait, she has to keep to her court-appointed stuff? NOT HAPPENING. (Access Hollywood)

So, I watched this.  And then I started to crave hallucinogenic drugs.  I think it may have been the bubbles.

And then a dog taught a baby how to use a teething toy.

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