Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy Day Before Valentine's Day. Here, Have Some Jamie Dornan. That's Better!


Well, it's Monday AND the day before Valentine's Day.  Say it with me:  Double UGH.  If you're looking to today's Hot Links to help you escape from tomorrow's onslaught of luv, I'll just apologize now, before your disgust sets in.  Enjoy?

It's kind of adorable when young people agonize over what to do for Valentine's Day.  Rookies.  (xkcd)

Like Pinterest?  Love porn?  Well, then have I got the website for you (you piggy).  (Business Insider)

These tragic love stories would give Nicholas Sparks a run for his millions.  And they're all true.  (Live Science)

I was halfway through this story on the stigma attached to postcoital contraception before I realized it was written in 1993.  What does that say about our society's views on the reproductive health of women, and how far it hasn't come in the last twenty years? (The New York Times)

I was a huge fan of Whitney Houston when I was growing up.  I used to stand in my bedroom and belt out her hits into my hair brush; I quite simply adored her.  So, instead of attempting some sappy tribute to one of my favorite singers, I'll just direct you to this collection of photos.  Enjoy.  (Time)

Well, this'll make you think twice about opening your car door in a parking lot...ever again.  (Cracked)

Today's Google-A-Day Puzzle is oh so romantical.  (Wired)

Planning on serving your beloved a romantic breakfast in bed tomorrow morning (I don't know, you could be)?  Follow these tips for perfectly poached eggs and it'll surely be a success.  And by "success" I mean that you'll get laid.  (Lifehacker)

I don't know if these life-size felted hearts would made appropriate Valentine's Day gifts, but they'd look adorable perched on a bookshelf in your living room.  (Etsy)

Here's a helping hand for anyone who wants to know more about the 11 actors who have played Doctor Who through the years.  (Mental Floss)

I wouldn't say these records are necessarily "romantic," but hey, tomorrow's Valentine's Day.  In case you didn't know.  (Neatorama)

This DIY project is perfect for Valentine's Day.  Or even for a real holiday.  (Instructables)

Eh, screw it.  It's time to stop pretending that nearly every single link today doesn't have something to do with....tomorrow.  Look!  Chocolate is good for you!  (FitSugar)

Here's the Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Doer.  Maybe I'll read it.  Later.  (Dumb Little Man)

I really don't think that wearing socks to bed will deter you from having sex if you actually want to have sex, but I'm obviously no expert, so here are 8 Things That Could Backfire In The Bedroom...from some experts, hopefully.  (Glamour)

Sigh.  Romantic escapes.  I can't be stopped, people.  (LadyLux)

Mexican Housewife Wrestling.  I'd say more but is there any more I can say??

And finally, a little "awwwwwwww" for your Monday:  Leopard Kissing Booth!  My heart melted a bit when the one cat pissed on the kissing booth.   SQUEE!

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  1. Cats will be cats, no matter how big they are.