Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Gone But Not Forgotten: Men Of Yore We're Lusting For

Sometimes you have to look to the past. You have to see that there was hotness all around, even when there wasn't any color in our movies. You have to say, "Man, if that guy wasn't dead, I would so want a piece." For me, James Dean is just hotness.

I adore watching him, frustrated and angsty, troubled and struggling to find a place for himself in Rebel Without A Cause. He had presence. He had a smoldering sexiness that couldn't be denied. He was beautiful and talented and taken too soon.

If you're in heaven, James, and blissfully not aging, know that I'm grabbing that ass when I get there. wink - Pinky

Heath Ledger

I’ve spoken many times of the effect that the movie 10 Things I Hate About You had on me when I was a teenager, but one of the lasting effects was to leave me with a serious crush on Heath Ledger. He might not have been the prettiest actor around, or the most fit, but he had a charm and presence about him that was hard to ignore. And the fact that he wasn’t model pretty made him seem more… attainable in some way. He looked like a great looking regular guy, not someone who existed on another plane where everyone wore designer clothing and no one ate hamburgers the way some actors do. And then he died. It’s the first and only celebrity death that’s really shaken me, and even though it was years ago I’m still sad that I’ll never see him on the big screen again. - Rusty

Kurt Cobain

Kurt Cobain. Musician, lyricist, and poet. The voice of a disenfranchised generation. Those are the words and image most people associate with Kurt Cobain. Me, however, as soon as I hear one of his songs, or think about Seattle...BAM. Piercing blue eyes (MY GOD, THOSE EYES) with a bemused expression from under a mop of disheveled blonde hair. I had such a thing for bad boys when I was younger; and he embodied the melancholy of youth and feeling of directionlessness that I had constantly. We all knew he was going to die young, by his hand or someone else's; but I still look at pictures and marvel at how his gaze can mesmerize me and make me wish I were a roadie slut back in 1991. - MetricJenn

Clark Gable

He was Rhett Butler. Do you really need more than that? Oh, fine. While he may not have been the most handsome man around, the guy oozed charisma and sex appeal. It was the way he looked at his leading ladies, the way he carried himself, the wicked smile. They just don't make them like that anymore. - Figgy

Gene Kelly

If I had to hone in on one man only, there is absolutely no question that I would choose the seethingly masculine, fluidly graceful, perpetually good-natured and unfailingly passionate, Gene Kelly.

I cannot help but objectify his beautiful eyes, his award winning grin, his mouthwatering Atlas chest, his perfect thighs…but it is in the fullest articulation of all of these physical elements – whether in a quiet ballet, an athletic and upbeat tap performance, or a slow burn contemporary tango (do yourself a favor and click here) – that the remarkable beauty and fullest masculine qualities of his shine through.

I look at his face and watch how he moved (and OH! Dat Ass!) and confess that I cannot imagine a more appealing man. He's out of reach to me now, and more’s the pity. - Replica


  1. Brandon Lee, man. So hot, yet so dead.

    But these choices are good too.

  2. Nadine! You be crazy!

    I'm in total agreement with you, though, Sara. Brandon Lee. TOTALLY forgot about him. :(

  3. Also, the sentence that begins with "Me, however" in my blurb about Kurt Cobain...please forgive the atrocious grammar. I must have been drunk.