Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Blast Off! Yes, I Know That Was Lame: Blasted Nail Polish by OPI for Sephora


I’m a sucker for gimmick nail polish. I like nail polish in general, but give me a choice between a solid color and shimmery and I’ll go with shimmery. Shimmery versus glitter and I’ll pick glitter. Glitter versus special effects and, well, you get the idea.

I especially like special effect nails that don’t require a huge amount of effort or time, because I have a very busy life writing things on the internet, do you know. Miraculously, Sephora by OPI’s Blasted series seems to be both simple and visually impressive in one step.

Blasted’s instructions are extremely simple and straightforward:

“Apply one coat of Blasted over any completely dry lacquer shade for a ‘blasted’ look. For a high-gloss shine, finish with Top Coat.” I followed the instructions, applying one coat of Blasted in red over a dry Rumba Romance and finished with a top coat. These are the results I’ve ended up with:

I love that this effect only takes one coat on top of any regular nail polish, and that it comes out looking like a professional job. It was a little tacky after it dried but with a top coat on it feels very solid. You can feel the texture of the ‘blasted’ bits through the top coat which is kind of neat in a tactile sort of way. Two days after application I have one small chip at the tip of one fingernail, but otherwise the polish has held up extremely well.

Honestly, I’m trying to restrain myself from making a terrible “blown away by ‘Blasted’” pun here, but I’m extremely impressed with this polish. It’s easy to apply, works exactly the way it’s supposed to, and leaves you with an eye catching and professional looking effect with barely more effort than it would take to polish your nails with a solid color.

Because of this, I’m rating “Blasted” from Sephora by OPI a solid 8 out of 8. If you’re looking for an interesting nail polish effect with almost no effort, this is definitely for you.

PS - In addition to the main link up there, some of the colors are on sale at this page as well.

Rating: 8/8 tentacles

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  1. Pretty! I like this much more than the crackle effect.