Wednesday, November 30, 2011

And Now We Dance: Sephora by OPI Rumba Romance Nailpolish


Nail polish is one of those things that I need to get better about using, I have kind of a lot of it floating around but I almost never have polished nails. Partly because they chip so fast I get a little discouraged by the whole process of sitting perfectly still for 20 minutes only to end up with a chip mid way through the next morning while fumbling with the cap to the juice bottle. I’ve had manicures and like them, but can’t afford to get them regularly on my semi-employed budget. Polished nails really do look my hands look nice, though, so I keep buying nail polish in the hope that the right color/polish will encourage me to keep my fingers shiny.

I bought Sephora by OPI Rumba Romance nail polish mostly because it was on sale and I needed something to bump my order over the $50 ‘free shipping’ mark. I bought it mostly because I like bronze, I feel like it always kind of gets the shaft in terms of metallics but it’s such a nice rich color. And I’ve gotten a couple other nail polishes from the Sephora/OPI combination brand so I figured it wasn’t too much of a gamble for $5.

First of all, I love this color. It’s gold enough to pass for gold but has a deeper tone than most gold nail polishes I’ve used, making it stand out from my skin better. It took three coats to get a full coverage, since it’s a glitter based polish but while putting it on I could also see how it would be nice layered over another color. Red with a nice bronze sheen over the top, in particular, would be lovely around the holidays. The bronze on it’s own has a nice metallic sheen rather than a blindingly reflective shine which is nice and with the full coverage made it look a bit like I’d dipped my nails in liquid metal. Very cool.

The big question with nail polish is staying power, though, and this polish definitely has it. With three coats of the nail polish and no top coat (or bottom coat, apparently that’s a thing now? Maybe this is why my nail polish keeps chipping, because I actually have no clue what I’m doing.) the polish has held up pretty well. I polished my nails on Tuesday night and it’s now Sunday night and my hands look like this:

It’s worn down around the tips and one nail on my left hand has a chip at the corner that only happened in the last day or so. The picture doesn’t show well how bright the polish is in natural lighting, but does show that the effect ranges from a deep bronze to a bright shine that borders on gold.

This nail polish gets an 8 out of 8 from me. The color is great, it has staying power, and the price (for now) is pretty good.

Rating: 8/8 tentacles


  1. I have this and LOVE it. It's kind of a pain to get all three coats on and keep it nice, but it does stay on forever and it looks wonderful. I've gotten a lot of compliments for the color!

  2. I was a bottom coat skeptic too, but seriously, you should give it a try--it made a huge difference for me. The polish lasts SO much longer! I use one called Sinful Colors Professional (but had some Sally Hansen stuff before, and it was just as good). I don't even bother with top coat, just bottom coat and a couple of layers of colour and I'm good for days!

    Also, love this colour! I have a cute OPI metallic called Charmed by a Snake, and it's one of my go-to polishes.